Integrity Way Counseling Helps Many Recover

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Alcohol and drug addiction can destroy a life in little to no time at all. The effects of long-term alcohol and drug abuse and horrible and as such, it is important to help the addict realize how bad things have become and to encourage treatment. At Integrity Way counseling is one of the core tenets of treatment and it is believed that through talking about the underlying issues that led to a drug and/or alcohol problem, a person is better able to work through these matters and adopt a clean and sober life again.

Rehab programs contain three steps. The first is going through the detox process to rid the body of the chemical substance; next, the person will go through extensive counseling in the rehab facility and finally counseling within an aftercare program. The counseling during rehab and the aftercare program are considered to be the most important parts of the recovery process to maintain sobriety for a lifetime, because it changes how a person views and understands addiction and alcoholism.

Only going through the detox process, without rehabilitation, generally ends up in the person relapsing. The reason for this is because there is little or no counseling involved during the detox process. Detox is deigned to rid the body of a chemical substance so the person is able to focus on their sobriety in a rehab facility without the distraction of going through withdrawal.

Clients in Integrity Way counseling will be taught the essential skills needed, to stop using drugs or alcohol and learn how to avoid a relapse. Many patients find this beneficial in the recovery process. They offer individual and group counseling to help patients to get to the root of the reason why they abuse drugs or alcohol and teach the individual how to cope better, focus on the positives in life and how to avoid falling prey to the triggers they might face in the outside world.

Individual counseling is a one on one therapy session with a professional that specializes in drug and alcohol addiction. During this type of counseling, the client is able to discuss in private, how the addiction has had negative effects on their life. The patient is encouraged to take responsibility for the negative behavior due to addiction and learns how to work through it in a positive way. The patient also learns how to use personal boundaries, make amends to those they have hurt and can rebuild solid, healthy relationships again.

Group therapy is when the patient meets with a trained group counselor and other clients receiving treatment. During this type of therapy, the members choose what topic they would like to discuss and open up in a group setting to share stories and experiences with one another. Patients are encouraged with the other members of the group to give feedback during the session and to glean information and insight from the knowledge and experiences of others.

For those addicts and alcoholics wishing for something to change, entering into Integrity Way counseling programs lays down the foundation needed to adopt a new life. While struggling and battling against addiction and alcoholism is hard, through counseling and therapy programs, a person can learn new ways to cope and can begin to emerge from the cycle of substance abuse. If you or someone you love is dealing with a substance abuse problem, contact a professional rehab center today and find the path back to living again.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center:Substance Abuse Intervention

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Intervening in the life of an addict is what most family members have to resort to especially if their loved one is far gone and does not see the need for treatment. The intervention process is quite intensive and may rely on the help of all the family members in order for it to be successful. The place where the intervention will take place is the key to getting the person there. It has to be a location that is safe and secure for the addict. It has to be somewhere familiar or they will suspect the worse. The drug and alcohol treatment is administered later, but the interventionist has to be able to convince the addict that unless they get help, their life is over.

Some interventionist use extreme tactics and threats, which usually does work, but can scare the addict out of their mind. The family also has to be involved and actively participate in the process to make it work. If the family is not involved in the intervention, it will not work because the addict has to be lured to the location by a family member that they trust.

A drug and alcohol treatment center has an interventionist who is trained in getting the addict to treatment. If the addict refuses to go, the interventionist is unable to physically remove that person. However, the family members can be convincing enough and show how much the addiction is hurting the entire family for the addict to relinquish their unwillingness and accept the offer of recovery.

Each family member will read a script that they prepared after the pre-intervention phase where the interventionist meets with all the family members at one time and brief them on what will transpire the next day, which is usually the day of the intervention. A lot of these script are well thought out and written from the heart. Each family member will tell exactly what the person’s addiction has done in their lives. It can be heart wrenching to hear the words read to the addict, who will show some type of emotion whether it is tears, sadness, anger, guilt or shame.

The love that each family member has for the addict will be revealed in those words and in that moment. It is what is said that may spark anger, resentment or sadness. Sometimes, the addict will blame a specific family member for their problems. In most cases, the parents are usually the ones that get the first attack from the addict. However, the interventionist from the drug and alcohol treatment center is generally able to put things back into perspective and get everyone to be more controlled.

The enabler or enablers will be pointed out during the pre-intervention phase and will be asked to relinquish their role as enablers. They will ask for forgiveness of the addict into being enablers and will let the addict know that they no longer will fund their habit. It is a startling revelation to the addict and this new information will ignite some kind of response into accepting the call for help.

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Get your loved one into a drug and alcohol treatment center

Friday, January 8th, 2010

When you have to deal with someone who is abusing different substances and using it heavily, you will have the right information on how to help that individual to make the choice to give up their bad habit. If you find yourself in that situation, then it will easier for you to understand when someone is on drugs and alcohol. Your compassion will be displayed with how you react to them and in most cases, if you understand; you will have empathy towards that person. Finding a good drug and alcohol treatment center will be easier because you are equipped with enough information about the problem to get help for your loved one.

It had been an ever ending battle for one father who could just not stay away from alcohol. This father was alienated from his family because of his addiction to alcohol. He tried many times to quit his bad habit on his own, but to no avail. His alcoholism began years ago and kept getting progressively worse. His family members saw the need for him to see a therapist, but they did not understand that he needed help from a drug and alcohol treatment center, which was equipped with more than a therapist.

He had to be detoxed first and then seen by an in-house physician to find out exactly how the alcohol affected his physical body. A doctor determines the need for prescribed medication and will help the individual to get back to optimal health. A counselor is also essential to provide reassurance and aid to the person while in the treatment program. The therapist in a drug and alcohol treatment center is different from any ordinary therapist. This person has to understand the full effects of drug and alcohol use to be able to provide assistance.

The therapist will help the individual to find out the reason for taking the destructive path that they chose. They will be able to identify with their past and change a lot of things that had previously affected them. The therapist is instrumental in getting that individual to a place of hope, safety and realization that they can get back on to a path of normalcy.

Family members and friends are also important in the journey to recovery. The support and encouragement will help the addict to see that they are not alone and will make the journey much easier and the goals of getting sober much more realistic.

The alcoholic father is the one that has to make the decision to accept the help that has been offered. Once this is done, then the drug and alcohol treatment program becomes more real. The father can adapt to the idea of living a day without taking up that bottle. He can look forward to seeing his family once he gets out. He can envision a life that provides productivity and hope. The family will be elated to see a new man emerge from the drug and alcohol treatment program.

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Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

When you are admitted into an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program, it is an ideal situation especially for those relatives who experience the effects of your habit. It is very compelling and extremely appealing to know that the drug addict is off the streets and receiving treatment for their addiction. For those individuals who are heavily addicted, the outpatient program is not as intense as it should be for full recovery.

There is so much temptation on the streets to get drugs and alcohol. At every corner store, there is a liquor store and a drug dealer is at every street corner. Someone who does not have self control and discipline in maintaining sobriety is not likely to be able to reject any instances of indulging in their bad habit again. Therefore, a person like that should take part in an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program.

The drug addicts and alcoholics who are not extremely addictive participate in outpatient treatment that is not as intensive as the inpatient treatment is. The individual is allowed to stay in their familiar environment and still live with their family while undergoing treatment. An outpatient program is for someone who has decided and agreed that they have a problem, disciplined enough to make the change and wise enough to know that this will change their lives.

The individual participating in the outpatient care program will have to visit the treatment facility daily to get treatment. They can go to work and then schedule evening hours to accept treatment. The drug and alcohol treatment center is flexible and will work with any individual that is eligible for outpatient care.

In addition to outpatient treatment, addicts may need to attend an after care program to follow up treatment and make sure that they stay sober and clean. This after care process is vital to the overall individual’s ability to maintain a sober existence and lead a normal life.

In a drug and alcohol treatment facility, the addict learns ways to deal with normal issues that confront all of us in life. They are taught life skills and methods to use when things and people trigger their abusive behavior and make them resort to their old ways. Encouragement and support is also useful when it comes from family members, other outpatient and inpatient clients as well as from the therapist and counselor.

Individual therapy is also offered to an outpatient client as well as group therapy sessions. In these therapy sessions, the individual gets to see first hand that there are other individuals with drug and alcohol problems. They can use the experiences of others as a stepping stone to getting better especially when they see someone making progress.

Therapy is very effective if the addict is able to embrace it and learn why their destructive behavior must not continue. They are also able to confide in the therapist and counselor who will not judge them, but offer compassion, empathy and help for complete recovery.

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Choosing a private drug treatment center

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Choosing a private drug treatment center is easy when you have done the appropriate research and found one that fits your individual or personal needs. There are certain things you have to look for when considering being admitted to a private program such as

  • Is this going to benefit me and my loved one?
  • Can I afford the $20,000 that it may cost per month?
  • Is there any guarantee to recovering?
  • Am I eligible for a government subsidized grant or not?
  • How different are the private and public programs that are funded by the government and other charities?
  • Is there a waiting list?
  • How much will my medical insurance cover?
  • Is this the best program for me or my loved one?
  • Will there be enough privacy for me or my loved one?

These are some of the most serious issues to consider when thinking about getting into a drug treatment program. If you are still not certain after doing your research, get some word of mouth referrals from people who know someone who has gone through a successful program or have done so themselves. You can begin with a public drug treatment center first and then compare it with the services offered by a private one.

There are absolutely no guarantees when it comes to a drug treatment program. The rehabilitation process has a lot to do with the individual who is trying to recover from the habit of using drugs. The individual has to take responsibility for their actions and be accountable to the program as well as to those who mean the most to them.

The staff will offer their services to the drug addict, but if he or she is not giving their all and committing to treatment, then the professional’s job is much more difficult and it may seem quite aggressive. With the cooperation of the drug addict, the professional therapist or counselor can be better able to serve the individual in a positive way.

Many family members will do their part by offering support and encouragement to the recovering drug addict during the therapy phase of treatment. A drug treatment center that has private rehab services does so at the request of family members who have chosen privacy over having a public display of this drug issue. It is best to first be informed of the possibilities of what a private program will offer your loved one over the public program. If you want to save thousands of dollars, you would consider the public program.

When you are choosing a private drug treatment center make sure it is one that offers therapy, counseling, detox, medical attention, social interaction through group therapy, education, career and employment counseling, life skills and training. You want to be in a program that caters to the overall welfare of your loved one so spiritual awareness is also important, which is provided through a faith based treatment program. You will be able to get deeper into the issues that affect you or your loved one.

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Drug Treatment Center – Why Do People Resort to Drug Abuse?

Monday, December 28th, 2009

It is saddening to know that an increasing number of people are joining drug treatment center to get cured from drug abuse. Every person faces stress in his life and there are different way for people to minimize their stress. While some may do workout or watch a movie, others may smoke or take drugs. The last two, are of course, harmful to the body. Resorting to bad vices like drug abuse have a lot to do with the social circles a person is in. . If his friends include ones who are into smoking and drinking, he may too end up taking up those habits even though he may be aware of the life-threatening consequences of the harmful addictive substances.

Since the past decade there has been a great increase in the number of drug treatment centers not only in US but across the globe. Every year numerous people are joining drug treatment center to fight addiction. Apart from bad company and stress, there are people who take drugs just to get the so-called high. Here are the common reasons why people take to drug abuse

1. Parties and discreet social gatherings:
We all know about rave parties. There are many parties, clubs and associations which organize rave parties on the sly. They are able to find out likely people to rave parties from the usual parties and social gatherings where people show an inclination to take drugs

2. Peer Pressure
If the group of friends are practicing wrong habits like consuming alcohol drugs, even he will be pressurized or advice by his addict friends to take up the habit.

3. Mental instability
Emotional imbalance and stress can cause a person to have drugs. Since drugs are known to create pleasure instantly, an adult may feel that have drugs may lead him out of stress such job loss, family tension, accumulating debt.

4. Empty mind
As the saying goes ‘Empty mind is a devil’s workshop’, same is the case with a person who is not in interested doing something productive or who is free most of the time. Boredom may make him try new things and resort to drug addiction.

5. Medicine
The stressful phases of life, meeting deadlines for assignments, career pressure may cause him to have medicines to overcome stress. He may adopt the habit of having prescription drugs or over-the-counter to fight stress. However, soon he will find himself getting addicted to such drugs.

6. Low confidence level
People who do not have much confidence may realize that when they consume drugs they become more confident. However, they do not know that the drug abuse is going to end their lives sooner they expect.

Some of the other reasons include, consuming drugs to perform activities like sports or workout, and ignorance about the consequences of drug addiction.
If anyone you know is addicted to drugs, you should try your level best to make them understand how drugs can affect their life. If you feel that you are not able to control your friend or relative’s addiction, you immediately persuade him to join drug treatment center to end his addiction and take control of life.

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What Can Normal Individuals Learn From Drug treatment center?

Monday, December 28th, 2009

People who are not addicted to drugs try to stay away from drug addicts. Drug addicts can be easily noticed because of their behavior. Drug addicts are often associated with robbery, criminal activities, etc. They are treated as the dirt of the society. They are often ignored, scorned and ridiculed. However, we can find a steady increase in the number of drug treatment center in the past years. They not only provide medical aid to drug addicts but also have stepped up to make those individuals who consider themselves as ‘normal’ and make life a living hell for the drug addicts realize the false impression about drug addicts.
First of all, we should know that all drug addicts do not take drugs deliberately; this is a fact that any drug treatment center that has successfully treated thousands of addict will vouch for. We should try to understand that there may be different situations because of which they have taken up drug addiction. It is goes without saying that there can numerous reasons for drug addiction and each individual may have his own set of problems because of which he has resorted to drug abuse. Here are some of the common reasons for drug addiction: to deal with peer pressure, to overcome stress, disownment from parents, breakup from life-partner, for pumping up energy for sports activities, etc.
Relapse is one of the major problems that may haunt every drug addict who has joined a drug treatment center. There have been plenty of instances wherein the individual has successfully come out of his addiction at the drug rehab center but after a few days he again indulges in drug abuse. Many people who are not addicted to drugs think these drug addicts who experience relapse can do nothing in life and there is no future for them.
Rather than talking bad things about these addicts, we should give him all the support and encourage him to go through the rehabilitation process again. We should also make sure that we provide them with the best care and love even after completion of the treatment. If the addict is showing no signs of improvement, one should take the initiative to talk to the doctor and ask for more advice and even ask to extend the treatment period until the condition of the addict improves. As far as treatment is concerned, we should not delay. If we delay then the addict may again resort to drug addiction.
The addicts who are violent in nature and often indulges in arguments and fights should not be treated violently or by arguing back. We should remember that the root cause of such ill acts is substance abuse. Once the addiction to substance is brought under control, the addict can become calm and normal. We should not at once stop him from consuming drugs. If we do this, we will try unfair means such as robbing cash or fighting with family members to get cash in order to purchase drugs. Hence, rather than barring him from having drugs all of a sudden, he should be made understood about health complications and other problems that he may face that can ruin his life.
The only solution that can lead a drug addict out of his addiction when no other options seem feasible is to join a drug treatment center. It not only provides the much needed medical assistance to the addict but also aims in making the individual learn new virtues like self-control that can help him conquer his addiction and never indulge in it again.

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