Integrity Way Counseling Helps Many Recover

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Alcohol and drug addiction can destroy a life in little to no time at all. The effects of long-term alcohol and drug abuse and horrible and as such, it is important to help the addict realize how bad things have become and to encourage treatment. At Integrity Way counseling is one of the core tenets of treatment and it is believed that through talking about the underlying issues that led to a drug and/or alcohol problem, a person is better able to work through these matters and adopt a clean and sober life again.

Rehab programs contain three steps. The first is going through the detox process to rid the body of the chemical substance; next, the person will go through extensive counseling in the rehab facility and finally counseling within an aftercare program. The counseling during rehab and the aftercare program are considered to be the most important parts of the recovery process to maintain sobriety for a lifetime, because it changes how a person views and understands addiction and alcoholism.

Only going through the detox process, without rehabilitation, generally ends up in the person relapsing. The reason for this is because there is little or no counseling involved during the detox process. Detox is deigned to rid the body of a chemical substance so the person is able to focus on their sobriety in a rehab facility without the distraction of going through withdrawal.

Clients in Integrity Way counseling will be taught the essential skills needed, to stop using drugs or alcohol and learn how to avoid a relapse. Many patients find this beneficial in the recovery process. They offer individual and group counseling to help patients to get to the root of the reason why they abuse drugs or alcohol and teach the individual how to cope better, focus on the positives in life and how to avoid falling prey to the triggers they might face in the outside world.

Individual counseling is a one on one therapy session with a professional that specializes in drug and alcohol addiction. During this type of counseling, the client is able to discuss in private, how the addiction has had negative effects on their life. The patient is encouraged to take responsibility for the negative behavior due to addiction and learns how to work through it in a positive way. The patient also learns how to use personal boundaries, make amends to those they have hurt and can rebuild solid, healthy relationships again.

Group therapy is when the patient meets with a trained group counselor and other clients receiving treatment. During this type of therapy, the members choose what topic they would like to discuss and open up in a group setting to share stories and experiences with one another. Patients are encouraged with the other members of the group to give feedback during the session and to glean information and insight from the knowledge and experiences of others.

For those addicts and alcoholics wishing for something to change, entering into Integrity Way counseling programs lays down the foundation needed to adopt a new life. While struggling and battling against addiction and alcoholism is hard, through counseling and therapy programs, a person can learn new ways to cope and can begin to emerge from the cycle of substance abuse. If you or someone you love is dealing with a substance abuse problem, contact a professional rehab center today and find the path back to living again.

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Alcohol Treatment in New Hampshire: Get Help

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Alcohol Treatment in New Hampshire: Get Help

There are different symptoms which can be used to identify whether an individual has an alcoholism problem or not. Once it has been established that an individual is an alcoholic, it is important that the problem of alcoholism be treated immediately. If you stay in New Hampshire, you must be already know why and how thousands of lives are being spoiled due to addiction. Alcohol treatment in New Hampshire provides suitable solutions to help the addicts recover and lead a meaningful life.

According to experts, it has been established that alcoholism is an illness. A large group of people suffer from dependence on alcohol and the effects of an over excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcoholism is an illness which can be developed individually through bad choices or influences. Through various programs which are offered, alcohol treatment in New Hampshire has successfully been able to deal with alcoholism. This has resulted in fewer people suffering from varied health difficulties like dementia, heart diseases, liver cirrhosis and eventually death.

The common symptoms which would help you identify individuals suffering from alcoholism include:

• Bloodshot eyes
• Quick pulse
• Swollen face
• Hoarse voice
• Quick pulse
• Ill-temperament
• Poor judgment skills
• Poor sleeping patterns

These are the initial symptoms which eventually lead to damage of the liver and disorders of the stomach, damage of brain cells, heart, and ultimately death. It starts from infrequent drinking and the condition slowly deteriorates to their life and damages their social life as well as their life and job.

The general course of alcohol treatment in New Hampshire includes initial tests and evaluation, individual counseling sessions, group counseling sessions, detox treatment, medication, yoga, meditation, etc. Some also provide addiction treatment education, life coping skills sessions and anger management classes. Some treatment centers treat through the natural way of fruits and vegetables. Grapes, apples, dates, bitter gourd and celery help in fighting addiction and therefore these are included in the patient’s diet.

When one is trying to overcome the disease and abstains from consuming alcohol, he will experience severe withdrawal symptoms. These can be overcome with the help of experts at the center who provide constant guidance and support. Medications are also provided during this phase.

After care plan is also provided to help addicts stay on the right track and avoid relapse. This includes visiting the center at regular intervals by the addicts where they meet counselors and discuss and share their experiences. This is really important in complete recovery and acts as a great support for the addicts.

You find about addiction treatment in New Hampshire through New Hampshire Substance Abuse Agency. It is important to do thorough research to ensure that the treatment is successful.

With these facts in mind the treatment can happen in a better way and quite fast as well.

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Alcohol Treatment in New Jersey: Various Approaches

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

The abuse of drugs is quite common in New Jersey. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy this state had more than 40,000 drug arrests in 2008 for drug use or possession. In today’s fast paced life where each day has become a struggle, not everyone is strong enough to handle it. This is especially true among young people who have a tendency to turn to alcohol when they face the harsh problems of life. However, as mentioned earlier, it just makes things worse instead of solving any problem.

Fortunately, now world’s finest treatment centers have come up in New Jersey. They help addicts to come out of addiction on a permanent basis. They try to make them realize that alcohol cannot be a solution to any of life’s problems. But to ascertain that you get all the facilities in an alcohol treatment center, it is important to do your research and select the best one.

When you are troubled with the problem of addiction and you are unable to get rid of it, the best solution is to join an addiction treatment center or a rehab. The treatments offered by each of these addiction centers are focused towards complete sobriety. Most of them design the treatment module based on the need of every patient. But at the same time they have some methods which are considered as the general methods of treatment. These are counseling sessions, detox treatment, group therapy, medications and others.

Counseling helps a patient speak how they feel and how and why they are into alcohol abuse. Counselors aim at trying to understand the patients and analyzing the whole situation. Counseling sessions are very important and make addicts positive and determined. Detox sessions remove the toxins from the body of the addict. These are important in advanced cases and are followed by withdrawal symptoms. With the help of specialists addicts are able to cope with it.

Generally you are likely to find different kinds of persons in a rehab. There are some who have enrolled into the center voluntarily while there are some who have been put into the treatment centers by force. Talking to different people and listening to their life stories can give you strength to fight the problems of your life. This is what happens in group counseling sessions.

There are faith-based alcohol treatments in New Jersey as well. Here the focus is on God and helping the addicts build a strong bond with the Supreme Being. This makes the addicts derive strength to get rid of addiction and face life with courage.

Professionals at alcohol treatment centers in New Jersey commonly use hypnotism in the treatment process. In cases where patients are reluctant to take the treatment, the method of hypnotism has proved to be of great help. But at the same time it should be remembered that it may take some time before hypnotism becomes a widely accepted practice.

There are various other ways to treat addiction as well like music therapy, natural therapy, meditation and so on.

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Parents’ Guide to Taking Marijuana Addicts for Addiction Rehab in Alaska

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Marijuana is one of Alaska’s most abused drugs. A large portion of the marijuana that is grown and cultivated in British Columbia, Canada is available in Alaska, owing to its geographic location. This drug is generally known as the BC Bus that is still available to the people in the Anchorage region. Marijuana is an addictive drug and it can seriously limit your potential and enhance risks to a variety of psychological disorders, other than making the addict fall prey to the hazardous withdrawal symptoms. Today, it has extended its reach over to children and teens alike.

This is the reason why parents need to know about the extent of marijuana addiction among today’s young population. Today, the programs for addiction rehab in Alaska focus increasingly on marijuana, at least 6 times than what it did in the 1960s. An increased addiction results in an increased risk for social as well as health related problems increasing the need to detoxify the drug. Today, the addiction professionals regard it as an addictive drug and there are definitive withdrawal symptoms which occur when the addicts try to break free from their addictive habits.

Handling Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

The aim of addiction rehab in Alaska is to make the addicts recover from their addiction. The withdrawal symptoms of marijuana addiction may not be as intense as the withdrawal symptoms of heroin and even not as detrimental as alcohol detoxification, but they are real, unpleasant and pose a danger to recovery. The withdrawal symptoms may include insomnia, aggression, lack of appetite, nausea, irritability, headaches and strong cravings for the drug. The cravings and withdrawal symptoms are so intense that a lot of addicts cannot get over the initial days of intense withdrawal. The lure of marijuana addiction is so intense that more and more kids are getting attracted to the pot which is strong enough to make them go for inpatient treatment.

Patients need to approach programs for addiction rehab in Alaska, as the occasional joint may do much damage. This is why the use of marijuana should be restricted to recreational purposes. When the recreational abuse becomes regular, it is a matter of concern, often impacting the life of the patient in a detrimental manner. Every year, thousands of kids are taken in for treatment to battle addiction towards marijuana. They are treated through various kinds of programs, remedies and therapies which are helpful to anyone who is committed to quitting the drug.

One of the best ways to quit marijuana is taking the help of professionals who can handle the addiction expertly. Whether it is marijuana or any other kind of addiction, it will not go away unless you seek specialized help. This is because it is a matter of dependency and the sooner you think of addressing the situation, the better your ultimate prognosis will be. This is why parents should see a rehab specialist immediately if their kids are diagnosed with addiction to marijuana.

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Is counseling considered to be an essential part in alcohol addiction treatment programs?

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Alcohol has become a major problem in people’s lives. Addiction is widespread and the US government allocated 10 billion dollars for drug treatment and prevention programs. Alcoholics get where they are either due to their own mental weaknesses or external factors such as family problems, a means of solace, peer pressure, instant pleasure or any other reason which is an excuse to drink and drink frequently. The effects are disastrous and obvious: failed relationships, broken families, damaged health and wrecked personalities.

With the help of proper counseling combined with regular treatment methods as per the individual requirement, an addict can be helped to lead a recovered life, free from drinking alcohol. Counseling should also include the physiological aspects and the treatment has to address the problems in the mind. A good alcohol addiction treatment can be described as one in which promotes emotional growth within addicts, bringing them closer to their families and preventing them from drinking in the future.

Counseling in alcohol addiction treatment also looks at acknowledging and examining the emotional requirements which can lead to building of an excellent foundation of new, contented life of an addict. Sometimes, a psychological disorder related to family history could also have an effect and these should be included in the treatment. Individual or short term counseling is given to persons who are in the initial stage of getting addicted to alcohol.

Counseling may be of two types, either individually or with families depending upon the individual’s needs. Each addict may have different problem, treatment should be provided as per the requirement and regular monitoring has to be done of the medical history and suitable changes made to on the path to recovery.

Good communication and excellent relationships with the counselors has been found to reduce the craving of alcohol among patients. There are some patients who refuse to co-operate with the medication because of withdrawal symptoms such as stomach cramps, nausea or shivering of legs and arms. Prolonged use of alcohol has been found to cause damage to the brain which may lead to loss of social skills and changed behavior. Proper counseling is needed for these patients to be educated on the harm they are subjecting their bodies and the consequences like mental disorders or death. It has been found that after completion of the alcohol addiction treatment, some addicts fall back to drinking because of inadequate support from their families and society. Unless the patients make the determination themselves to abstain from drinking by getting the psychological issues sorted out by the counselors, all methods of treatment will be useless.

Online counseling is also available, but this is done before joining for any addiction treatment center. It is necessary to evaluate the severity of the problem and it can be finished online, resulting in directions for the treatment or therapy. The online counselor should suggest the right and meticulous type of treatment to and recommendations to local therapists or other addiction centers, including emergency services.
Counselors help the addict to cope and solve problems with emotions, violent behaviors, previous grievances in their past lives so that they can have realistic approach towards life and prevent relapses of drinking pleasure.

Counseling is the base and the most essential part of treating alcoholism. It is only through counseling that a change is effected in the alcoholic, his negative thoughts driven out to be replaced with goals and motivations enabling him to achieve satisfaction through work in a life lived well where alcohol has no presence.

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Alcohol Abuse Treatment: How is it done?

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Abstinence is the goal of treatment for alcoholism. The alcoholics who have good health, motivation and social support can recover much faster. The alcoholics who on the other hand have poor health and are not motivated relapse even if they go for treatment. For the alcoholics who have good health tends to remain clean from the habit of alcohol.
The alcohol abuse treatment can start when the alcoholic realizes and accepts that he has a problem and that it is high time they stop drinking. The alcohol abuse treatment involves:-
1. Detoxification process: This is required mostly in case of chronic addiction and aims at removing toxic substances from the addict’s body. Some treatment centers offer detox treatment while there are specialized centers to carry this out also. With the process of detoxification, the craving of alcohol does not stop. The recovery in this case is very difficult. One experiences withdrawal symptoms like spasms, panic, vomiting, shivering, etc. With specialized care they learn to cope with all this.
2. Rehabilitation: During the rehab the addict is taught to lead a life without alcohol through medication, counseling sessions, behavioral treatment, group therapy and more. Some centers adopt both traditional and spiritual approach. One such center is Transformation Treatment center located in Florida. Here they have qualified staff, best facilities and individualized treatment.
3. After Treatment Care & Abstinence: The success in this step can only depend on the alcoholic because it can only be self driven. It is important to abstain from alcohol and for this one needs to have a strong will power and family support. Aftercare programs offered by addiction centers also play a crucial role in keeping the patient motivated.
The alcohol abuse treatment may involve different kind of medicines. Benzodiazepine is a common and famous medicine that is used for symptoms like poor sleep. With the use of Naltrexone medicine the craving for alcohol is reduced. There are many more medications that can be given to the alcoholic.
Another important factor of successful treatment is a good nutritional diet. This is because he/ she do not get proper nutrition when they drink. As the person drinks the body does not get any nutrition from alcohol. It is just calories that they are consuming with any nutritional benefit. This in turn affects the intestine of the body. At the same time there is deficiency of vitamins in the body.

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Alcohol Recovery Involves Many Techniques

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Are you on the lookout for an effective alcohol recovery rehab that works wonders but does not cost the earth? Then log on to and get to know more about our alcohol recovery program. This is the most comprehensive and effective revolutionary program available. A team of experienced professionals have put in tremendous effort in devising the treatment plan which will help you in alcohol recovery with the minimum effort and cost.
We believe alcoholism stems from some personal reason such as failure, fear, depression, inability to cope, etc. which leads a person to seek relief or solace in alcohol. Excessive and frequent consumption leads to addiction. Addiction results in that person feeling alienated, lost, depressed, guilty, ashamed and a host of all other negative thoughts. We believe even the worst alcoholic can change because change comes from within and the desire for change exists within all human beings. Just take the first step. Make a decision today that you wish to put a stop and live a better life free of alcohol. This is the most important step. Everything else flows from this.
The next thing to do is step into an alcohol recovery center and register for a program where the staff will take over and put you through a detox stage followed by therapies aimed at building motivation and arming you with goals. To assist in this you will have to lead a disciplined and healthy life through exercise, regular hours and good food. Support is always available from counselors.
The alcohol recovery program is structured in such a manner that defines as well as addresses the issues of the individual. This is done in different stages in the rehab. The staff in the rehab reviews all the cases daily and at the same time has different strategies for each individual. Progress is monitored and programs reviewed and altered if need be.
The first steps might be strong and purposeful or faltering but do not lose heart if you totter. We understand full well that it is not easy to give up on drinking after being accustomed to it for years. It is normal. Not every individual has that strong resolution. So just return to the program and go through with it. It is the first step in the right direction which will eventually lead you to your destination.
Know more about what we can do to help you in alcohol recovery. Simply visit our website or write to us at

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Alcohol Rehab Treatment: Florida

Friday, July 30th, 2010

It is possible that even as you read this are you on an alcohol induced state. May be you are doing this for pleasure or may be you drink because you have to, through a compulsion, not for pleasure but because it is an addiction. Is there a thought in your mind that tells you to stop, put an end to all this, become a changed and better person? Go away from it all and get cured in some far off exotic location? If you are thinking something like this then the place to go is Florida with its beaches, spectacular locations and wonderful alcohol rehab treatment centers.
At we provide suitable treatment to addicts in various types and stages of addiction. If you have researched many alcohol rehab centers and places, you will agree that Florida has it all and it tops our list as the destination for recovery.
The alcohol rehab treatment facilities here are top class and very, very effective. Staff at this center is highly trained, skilled, professional but not cool and remote. They come across as warm, sensitive, dedicated individuals with a deep commitment to getting you changed for the better.
The typical course of alcohol rehab treatment Florida is for 30 days. The schedule in this period is very rigid for the patient. There are many lectures, therapies and classes that the addict has to attend in the entire week. There is no gap in the treatment in the 30 day time frame that the patient is in the rehab.
The alcohol rehab treatment center in Florida is based on the reality program. It means that the patient/ addict who are in the rehab get certain autonomy level in their entire day. The people staying there are entitled to do their own cooking, their laundry and at the same time they have the privilege to clean their living quarters. The rehabs in Florida provide shopping coupons and transport to the client so that they can visit the local market and shop for food. This privilege is given to them once in a week. There are nutritionists who guide the people in taking proper nutritious and balanced diet in their daily life.
In the alcohol rehab treatment Florida they concentrate and focus on some objectives for the treatment. They are:
• Educating the addict about the disease that alcoholism is.
• Analyzing reasons for drinking alcohol and working to removing the root causes. Implanting positive motivation, attitude and goals. Physical work and achievements and satisfaction derived supplants alcohol induced rewards.
• Steps to prevent the relapse of the addiction.
It is also important that the person suffering from the disease of alcoholism should have the knowledge of what alcoholism is. The alcohol rehab treatment Florida sees to it that there are many lectures, films and literature given to the addict so that he is more enlightened. It is also important for them to understand the side effects of alcoholism.
There are many group and individual sessions that takes place in the rehab. The aim here is to communicate, express and expel the innermost negative thoughts that hinder change.
Florida has some exceptional alcohol rehab treatment facilities. At we have compiled detailed information on alcoholism and our alcohol rehab treatment. Simply follow the link here to know more. It could be the click to redemption.

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Alcohol Rehab Treatment Florida Is Tried And Tested

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Alcohol rehab treatment in Florida has come a long way from times when their agenda was based solely on behavioral change. As we know this was a short term cure, as patients shortly returned to their alcohol addiction. It is now known that alcohol addiction is a disease negatively impacting the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of human beings. All three components require rehabilitation for the patient to enjoy a full recovery.

You may be one of the millions of people who have made repeated efforts to overcome alcohol addiction and are still looking for success. For you we would recommend an alcohol rehab treatment facility in Florida i.e. Transformation Treatment Center. This alcohol rehab treatment Florida is primed around the clock to help addicts overcome their addiction through tried and tested programs.

Florida rehab treatment centers will share several ideas and attitudes of service, but they vary in offering services. As alcohol is physically addictive, it is important for an individual to desire ending their addiction. To prevent dangerous health repercussions, each should undergo proper detox under medical supervision. This is a tried and tested method to help the body be rid of toxins and also remove the need for alcohol from the system, paving the way for recovery procedures with lasting effects.

Transformation Treatment center- an alcohol rehab treatments Florida then implements their proven programs aimed at healing the mind, soul and body of the alcoholic. Mind healing techniques are holistic in nature and may comprise yoga, tai-chi, meditation and similar techniques. Soul strengthening and rejuvenation is done through spiritual based teachings or simply meditation. The body is made strong through physical activities and nourishing food.

Counselors see to it that each person sets goals for himself and motivate them to achieve these goals through working for them and thus achieving a deep sense of satisfaction which replaces and surpasses the effects of alcohol. An addict is helped to get rid of guilt and such negative feelings and implanted with positive thoughts. Relations with all people around him will improve and he will observe a better person emerging from the treatment at Florida.

Would you like to change and make your life more meaningful and happy. Take this small step today. Make a decision to stop. It will be the most vital step in the whole process! Call us with any queries you have or log on to and go ahead towards recovery.

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Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Centers: Selection Criteria

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Alcoholism or alcohol abuse is very dangerous and should be treated immediately. Drinking excess alcohol results in mental and physical impairments. Your career, valued relationships and your daily life are all highly affected because of your consumption of alcohol. Help from alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers is the only way an alcoholic can get rid of his problem.

Accepting the problem is the start of the recovery process. Next, selecting the right rehab center is very essential for a successful recovery. It helps you to get back to your normal life comfortably and easily. There are various alcohol rehabilitation centers available all over but it is very important to find the right one. Before your final selection it is very important to check if the rehab you have chosen fulfills all the below mentioned criteria:

• A good rehab provides a quality and affordable treatment process. The treatment process should focus on your emotional well-being and should strengthen your body, mind and spirit resulting in a successful recovery.

• The rehab should have a tailor-made treatment plan. Each person has a different requirement so the treatment for each one should be customized. A team of qualified doctors, therapists and counselors should chalk out a unique treatment process meeting the requirements of each individual.

• An effective center will invariably have traditional and spiritual 12-step treatment program and it should have an educational approach. It is one of the most effective treatment processes.

• They must use one on one and group counseling methods to have a better understanding of your problems, feelings, actions and relationships. It helps to you to live a full and healthy life by helping you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

• It should follow a proper nutrition therapy making you follow a nutritious diet and should also provide the facility of sauna detox which helps to eliminate toxins faster.

• The rehab should encourage following a fitness regime by regular participation in physical activity and exercise.

• The center should provide a comfortable and personalized treatment process and should have a safe and nurturing environment. They must offer well-equipped rooms and other amenities.

• It should encourage a family or couple therapy session where the spouse and the family member are educated on how to deal with alcohol problems and the difficult situations. It helps to form an intimate relationship and nurtures the change.

• The alcohol rehabilitation centers must have an after-care plan where intensive follow-ups and close monitoring of the addict and the treatment process is done.

Transformation Treatment Center in Florida follows the best approach of treatment that is holistic and individualized. You can know more about us at

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