Substance Abuse Treatment OR helping out addicts with learning disabilities

Substance abuse treatment OR is very effective because they try to help the addicts come out of the learning disabilities as well and thus learning disabilities cannot be a a limiting factor to recovery from addiction.

It has been found that many people have severe learning disabilities right from their childhood. In many cases people do not pay much attention to this problem because they feel that this problem is genetic or are simply not aware of it. Unfortunately it has been seen that adolescents who suffer from learning disabilities tend to get hooked to some kind of substance abuse. Research has established the fact the instances of substance abuse is more among those who have learning disabilities than among the common mass. But at the same time no proper reason could be found out as to why these two things are related to one another.

It is very difficult to find out whether drugs lead to school failure or school failure leads to drug abuse. But the fact is that both the things are closely associated with another. This does not mean that everyone who has learning disabilities is associated with drug abuse. It should be kept in mind that those who have the problem of drug abuse should receive proper treatment at the right time.

When it comes to substance abuse treatment OR focused on those with learning disabilities there are certain things which need to be kept in mind. In the first place the treatment program should not only pay heed to the problem of substance abuse and the psychological problem that is associated with it but the program should try to address learning problem as well so that the addicts can come out of the learning disabilities along with getting rid of addiction. Thus it can be said that the mode of treatment that is conducted in a substance abuse treatment OR is essentially a triple diagnosis program.

When a child has learning disabilities it breeds failure in school that in turn hurts the self esteem of the children. They face certain problems like rejection from friends and rudeness from teachers. Thus they try to seek refuge in drugs which heals their emotional problem. But drugs in the long run lead to severe problems and that is the reason treatment should be very well designed.

For people with learning disabilities the staff and counselors need to have lots of patience since the same tiny point will have to be put across patiently for it to get across and special care will be needed throughout the entire program with more than one therapist involved since both problems have to be addressed and resolved.

Thus it can be concluded saying that substance abuse treatment OR should try to use new and innovative technologies so that the addicts are treated for their learning disabilities as well as for their addiction. Unless both these problems are addressed properly success of treatments is not assured.

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