Substance Abuse Treatment NE: Questions to ask when selecting the treatment center!

Selecting substance abuse treatment NE can be interesting as well as a confusing procedure for all and mainly for those that need and are going in for treatment for the first time. However to help you out here are a few questions that you can ask at the time of selecting a treatment center so that you can find the right one.

The foremost thing that you need to ask is:

What will be the total cost together with ancillary charges?

The ancillary charges will mainly comprise of medications, room and boards, transportations, psychiatric visits, psychological testing, massage, family programs, detox and many other such things. Then you need to calculate the total costs of rehab and not just the indicated fee where there may be hidden costs.

Other questions that you need to ask are:

  • Will insurance be taken in the form of payment?
  • What amount of patients will be accommodated at the same time, what is the existing census and the present ages of the patients?
  • What will be included in pre admission screening?
  • How will you know that your loved one is a proper candidate of your program?
  • What is the ratio of patients to staff?
  • How many hours will be devoted to individual therapies as well as counseling in each week?
  • How many hours will the patient receive group psychotherapy which includes groups led through doctors, therapists or counselors?
  • How many hours of extra therapeutic activities will the patient receive every week?(Extra therapeutic activities include recreation facilities, meditations, yoga, exercise as well as twelve step program)
  • What philosophy as well as therapeutic orientation will the program include?
  • What are the therapeutic modalities available for your clients? (This can include motivational interviewing, art therapy, DBT, EMDR, somatic experiencing, psychodrama, spirituality and many more such things.)
  • What are the qualifications as well as training gained by counselors, clinic persons as well as psych techs?
  • What all topics will be included in psychotherapy groups?
  • What are credentials of staff that will lead the psychotherapy groups?
  • How soon will the patient be taken to the psychiatrist?
  • How soon the following appointments will be?
  • Who will be involved in the addictions program: whether it will be psychiatrist or medical director or an addiction specialist?
  • How will the diet of the patient work?
  • Will special diets be included?
  • Will there be twenty four hours staff supervision?
  • What term will be in minimum, medium as well as maximum stay at the center?
  • Will twelve step programs be required?
  • How many twelve step program will be there in a week?
  • In what way is the program accredited or licensed? (It can be substance abuse treatment NE center, psychiatric hospital or residential treatment)

These are some of the questions that you need to ask as there are many more but then these questions are good to start with. In case you get satisfactory answers to these questions then it can be said that the center you are approaching for substance abuse treatment NE is the right one for you. Start selecting some substance abuse treatment NE centers and ask these questions to get the best treatment to lead a sober life in future!

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