Substance Abuse Treatment MI:Dos and Donts for the Family

The state of Michigan (MI) has a high rate of substance abuse. If someone in your family is addicted to drugs or alcohol, your life too is likely to be affected. The first step for you to take would be to convince the addicted person to undergo proper substance abuse treatment in MI as only through proper rehabilitation can a person with chronic addiction become normal again.

However, your role as a family member does not end with the addicted person opting for substance abuse treatment in MI. True, it may be a reason for satisfaction and you may breathe a sigh of relief. However, you might also carry some apprehension in your mind. At this point you need to know what you can do as family to the addicted patient to help them recuperate better from their addiction. You should know what needs to be done and what not. This is the time when you will be asking yourself and others about the role you might play in the recovery process of your ward. Here are some dos and donts for the family members of an addicted person.

  • You can call the patients undergoing substance abuse treatment in MI if cell phones are allowed in the rehab. . But make sure that you are calling them at the right time. You should not wait for the call of your loved one, nor expect the patient to call you daily.
  • If the patient is describing about the learning sessions do not point out that you knew it already or were told the same thing earlier by others. This will discourage the patient.
  • Everything told by the patients should not be taken at face value. At this time emotions keep fluctuating a lot in these people. One moment they might feel deep in crisis and quite steady the very next moment. In case you are very concerned about the health of the patient you should consult the counselors of the substance abuse treatment center.
  • If possible send cards and letters.
  • Keep assuring the patients that you love and care for them and that you are always there for support. Allow them to be wholly responsible for their recovery. In case they sound dull do not get carried away as this phase will surely pass.
  • You should speak to the counselor about your concerns. Show willingness to answer all questions regarding the patient that the counselor might ask you.
  • Answer as many questions as possible but take care to ensure that you do not lie for protecting the patient.

Do not get discouraged if you dont see your loved one recover fast. This is because several behaviors and characteristics may take some time to change. It is important that you keep your expectations very realistic and do not expect miracles. Keeping the above points in mind will help you guide and support an addicted relative overcome addiction and get well soon through substance abuse treatment MI.

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