Substance Abuse Treatment FL Deals with Anxiety

One of the findings of the substance abuse treatment FL is that those who are cigarette smokers are less likely to succumb to alcohol than the rest. It is believed on a large scale that there is a very clear communication between sedatives, smoking and alcohol addiction and panic disorders, panic attacks and aspects of anxiety. However, what needs to be addressed is whether the attacks are caused by these addictive substances, or whether constant panic leads addicts to turn on drugs. According to the studies conducted by substance abuse treatment FL, cigarette smoking increases panic attacks, although the exact reason has not been diagnosed. However, smokers are often short of breath and this is the reason.

It has been suggested that those who experience panic attacks liken the short breath to the onset of panic attacks. This is why the worry induces itself as a panic attack. Moreover, changes in the respiration may lead to anxiety or panic attacks which augment its effect. Sufferers of panic disorders are twice less probable to use alcohol other than the general people, but twice likely to seek psychoactive drugs. Using recreational drugs or alcohol worsens the symptoms of anxiety disorders or panic attacks.

Cannabis is a substance that has shown to induce anxiety or panic attacks. The use of alcohol may induce symptoms of panic as well as act like a vicious cycle. In a condition of alcohol withdrawal, people are likely to have panic attacks. If the individual experiences long term or medium alcohol abuse, they will find that the panic attacks will worsen especially when they are intoxicated. It is an unfortunate matter that if you try to get rid of alcohol when in a situation of dependency it is a tough matter and that the patient will suffer more from an increased anxiety or panic attack.

This is also the time when the patient will find it tough to get rid of their addictive tendencies. It is a direct result of the symptom of alcohol withdrawal. A study which had been conducted in the year 2000 shows that those who suffer from attacks of panic are found on a frequent basis to use medications on themselves. One of the reasons which can be attributed to such behavior is that they are not aware of what the actual problem is. Therefore, they are open to take any medication or supplement they want.

One of the findings is that the anxiety disorder that they suffer from can be diagnosed correctly especially when they look for help for substance abuse. More and more numbers of patients in the state of Florida are looking forward to seek assistance for substance abuse issues. A main reason as to why they have developed anxiety disorders is their substance abuse or addiction although it has been found that the anxiety related problems had been there prior to the addiction or dependence to sedatives or alcohol so as to affect them intensely now.

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