Mood swings at early stages of Substance Abuse Treatment MN

At the time you have decided to get the assistance for getting rid of substance abuse, you will observe that everything around you and inside you has started to change. When the body goes for detox this is the time when there will be interruption in flow of chemicals. Wide range of symptoms related to physical, emotional as well as psychological changes are observed. A person when tries to get rid of the addiction usually experiences emotional changes and mood swings within oneself. Some of the things that are common at the primary stage of substance abuse treatment MN are depression, fear, anxiety or even extreme anger. But then at a later stage the patient can come out of the shame, sadness as well as guilt and actually enjoy the experience of rehab.

Early stage of substance abuse treatment MN is actually the time of introspection. The person will actually be analyzing relationships, past life and future outlook..In the early stages of the substance abuse treatment MN mood swings are quite common as the chemical is leaving their body, slowly and steadily.

Detox is perhaps the most painful and unbearable stage of the substance abuse treatment MN. For years the addict has been accustomed to the drug in his bloodstream and in his brain. All of a sudden it stops. This will induce extreme mood swings ranging from fear, anxiety, helplessness, depression to anger. Medical supervision and drugs ensure that the violent reactions are minimized and this process is made tolerable. Still, however, mood swings do occur and it is for this reason that a family support system is vital to give comfort and support with lots of encouragement to the addict so that he feels comforted and secure.

There will be conflicting thoughts running through the mind of the addict during the early stages of substance abuse treatment MN and there will be uncertainties about the future and problems of how he will cope. At times he will feel sad, neglected and lonely. At times he may feel buoyant that he is on the right course and that he will be free of addiction soon. At times when depressed he will exhibit a strong desire to go back to his addiction and give up on treatment altogether. Counselors and staff at the treatment center know what this period is like and are at hand to offer sympathy and motivation to help him through to stability.

The mood swings and tendency towards depression are also reasons why meditation is used as a prime tool in treatments and introduced early on so that when the condition stabilizes, the addict can make efforts to tranquilize his mind through such a practice and also gain inner strength.

Family support is another support that is used to help out an addict throughout the course as their presence and love will surely give the addict the much needed comfort he needs.

Mood swings during the early stages are unavoidable and should be accepted as a part of the progression towards recovery. Since there is ample support, an addict can always feel reassured that he will be helped to a recovery and can overcome such minor obstacles in the way.

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