Methodologies followed by a Center for Substance Abuse Treatment WI

The methodologies which are followed by a substance abuse treatment WI are very effective in the sense there are a lot of options from which the addict can choose the one which is most suitable to him and which will ensure a successful outcome of the whole process.

The programs which are followed by a substance abuse treatment WI are designed according to the needs of the individual and according to the kind of addiction he has. This means for various kinds of drugs like cocaine, marijuana or heroin the treatment methodologies are different from one another. Each drug has its specific effect on the mind and body and needs treatments targeted at the effects to ensure positive results.

Generally the method which is followed by a substance abuse treatment WI is the 12-step program. In the initial stage this method was designed to help the alcoholics come out of the addiction. But in the recent years this method has been modified to help the drug addicts as well. This method is so very effective because in this the addicts need to perform 12 tasks whereby they can come out of their addictive behavior. Studies show a maximum number of addicts have benefited from this program.

In the 12-step programs which are followed by the treatment centers of Wisconsin the addicts are made to realise that they do not have any control over their addiction. At the same time the addicts are also taught to look into the past mistakes which they have committed in the course of their lives. They are also encouraged to amend the mistakes which they have made so that they can lead a happy life. Most importantly it should be kept in mind that the secret of the success of the 12-step program that is practiced by the treatment centers of Wisconsin are more effective because they devise a new code of life. And if the addicts follow this code of life they can surely stay drug-free permanently. This mode involves acceptance of ones condition, seeking forgiveness for wrongs done and then ameliorating the entire situation through following predetermined resolutions.

Some of the other options which are followed by a substance abuse treatment WI are inpatient and outpatient treatment methodologies and in each case the duration may be short or long term depending on the severity of addiction and the drug to which a person has been addicted. The inpatient mode of treatment is more suitable to those who are in the severe stages of addiction. Moreover in this mode of treatment the addicts have to stay in the treatment centers for some time until they are examined and found to be free of addictions with the capability to lead normal lives without relapsing.

On the other hand when it comes to the out-patient mode of program the addicts need not stay in the treatment centers and this method is applicable only in cases of mild addiction. At the same it is expected that the addicts are honest with the counselors as well as the medical staffs so that they can devise the most suitable treatment methodology and there is a positive outcome to all the efforts.

At the base of all treatment programs lies the resolution and determination of the addict without which any or even the best method will be ineffectual.

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