Link between domestic violence and Substance Abuse Treatment OH

Domestic violence has been a major problem since ancient times. It involves the physically stronger person in a family typically abusing his wife and also children and siblings. Females suffered the most from such type of violence traditionally. This type of violence is seen in any of the relationship like marriage, dating, friendship or any sort of family relationship. When people think aboutsubstance abuse treatment OH and their co relationship with domestic violence a virtual image of an alcoholic man beating his wife and possibly children is created in their mind.

Substance abuse is a situation in which a person becomes totally dependent on mind altering drugs like alcohol, heroin, cigarettes etc. At the initial stage the person takes those drugs to gain mental euphoria but later on he falls into a persistent habit with these drugs and takes these regularly knowing full well that this may cause some serious health problems in future. It is a better option for them to move to asubstance abuse treatment OHat the initial stage of the disease. There is no such clear view stating the exact link between domestic violence and substance abuse but since addiction results in loss of mental control the results are predictable. Experts have categorized this to give a transparent idea about the co relationship between these two terms.

The first category of people is called as typical batters. They dont create any domestic violence in the society. They like to cover or hide all the violence within the four walls of their house. They dont have any history of legal problems, brain disorders etc. They cannot be considered as a social menace as they do not violate the peaceful environment of the society. This type of people can be healed completely with the help ofsubstance abuse treatment OH within a shorter period of time.

The second category of people is anti social batters. They can be considered as perfect substance abuser in the society and violate the calm environment unnecessarily. They are often found suffering some mental problems and have legal issues. They require a thorough and better treatment from an experienced health expert. Although people think that this type of disease cannot be healed it is not true. Regular visit to a good substance abuse treatment OH and strong will power can help you to get rid from drugs.

The third category is sociopath batters. They are the most violent members of the society and create some major legal problems for themselves. They mostly suffer from some serious mental disorder syndromes and health problems. It is very difficult to heal such a disease as the patient exhibits a total lack of moral strength and will power. These types of patients should visit a goodsubstance abuse treatment OHcenter for dual diagnosis treatment. This type of treatment will increase his mental and physical fitness level. Most often it is a family member, a friend or a social service organization or even legal authorities who bring in such sociopaths to a rehab for treatment.

While some drugs act as a soporific and pacify an individual, alcohol and some drugs might excite and turn a usually calm individual into a violent person. The nearest targets are also the weakest, unable to defend themselves: wife and children. Resolution of such issues are best done at substance abuse treatment OH centers which remove the root cause and return the individual to a normal life through a proper substance abuse treatment.

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