Sober Living Ways To Live A Happy And Healthy Life

A life dependent on alcohol is the worst way to live. Alcohol stops your mind to think rationally and slowly it overtakes you leading you into a situation where you cannot differentiate a good decision from bad. It not only results in various health problems but also takes away smiles from your face and from the face of those who love you. It is important to go for some kind of addiction treatment if you want to bring back health and happiness in your life again. Joining a sober living home for a happy and healthy life is a wise decision and you must take it as soon as possible.

When you adopt a sober lifestyle, you can add more years and smiles to your life. However, you need abstain from this poison with a strong mindset to be in control of your life. Below are stated some of the simple measures which will help you to attain a happy and healthy life and thereby attain sobriety.

  • In the first place you need to abstain from drinking habits. For this, you need to constantly remind yourself about the destructive effects of alcohol. Be determined and say NO to alcohol even during social events. Just stay away from it no matter where you are or what the occasion is. Once you are able to achieve this, a healthy and happy life will be yours.
  • Spend time with friends or indulge in activities like gardening, cooking or painting. Just anything that soothes your soul and is close to your heart. This will keep you occupied and your mind won’t get diverted to consuming alcohol once again. You must also pray and develop a connection with God and have faith in him to help you live difficult times of life with courage rather than escaping realties by resorting to alcohol. Tell yourself that you are not weak and will face life fearlessly.
  • You should maintain a healthy dietary regimen. Incorporate high fiber foods such as fruits, legumes, beans, and whole grain breads in your diet. When it comes to sober living, the veggies and fresh seasonal fruits must be part of your regular diet. Also, make sure that you are drinking enough water. As per the recommendation of the doctors you need to consume about 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.
  • A very essential part of sober living is to go outdoors and breathe fresh air. Many people are preoccupied in their office work or engaged in their daily household activities and tend to spend most of their times indoors. Getting fresh air is extremely important to ensure good health. Try and plan outdoor activities or go for a walk for few minutes every day. Exercises must form a part of your daily routine. Regular exercises help to maintain your overall health. Those who are into regular exercising are known to live a healthier and happier life. This will also divert your mind from alcohol to staying fit. Once fitness becomes a passion, you won’t feel like taking alcohol.
  • Enjoy a good night sleep. Getting about 7 hours sleep every night is extremely important if you are trying to adhere to healthy living standards. On the basis of the findings of the researchers people sleeping for more than eight hours or those who are sleeping for less than four hours are not as healthy when compared to those who are getting about seven hours sleep every night.

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