Sober Living Tips How To Prevent Relapse

After being addicted and after having visited a rehabilitation center, the major breakthrough in a person’s life comes if they succeed to adopt sober living style even after they are done with the treatment. Living sober is not easy but not impossible for those who are strong willed and determined. It has been reported that about 70 percent of people manage to complete their entire rehabilitation program. This program is only for about 30 to 90 days in each campus. Through this program addicts try to find a new inspiration to quit addiction and focus on their life in a better way.

Though rehab days are the hardest, much harder is for an individual to overcome the stress when they step out of the rehab centers and need get back to their social life. Rehab centers have a disciplined and focused environment, but outside life is different and puts you in situations every now and then, where you are tempted to take to drinking again. It is this difficult and challenging aspect that you need to overcome to prevent relapse. Valuing the following things in life helps to combat addiction during sober living:

ACHIEVEMENT – A person should have a goal in life that should be important to them. This goal can be something like getting a job, getting a promotion, being fit or any other. Accomplishing your goals will provide you a sense of achievement and make you more confident and determined.

ACTIVITY – Engage yourself in various activities like physical exercise, completing your education, joining community service, spending quality time with family, reading and other activities that you always wanted to do. Keep yourself busy and stay out of addiction.

HEALTH- With healthy lifestyle, you can avoid getting back into the world of addiction. You can go for morning walks or jogging. Join a sports club and play the sport you are passionate about. This will not just keep you fit but will also keep you away from alcohol as you will feel much better after playing a game of your favorite sport than what you used to feel after drinking.

COMMUNITY- Involve yourself in some sort of community work. You can work for orphans, blind, disabled and underprivileged. You will realize how harsh life has been to them and then you will realize that your problems are very small as compared to what they are facing with a smile on their face. Community service is a great way to make your life worth living and helping you stay away from addiction.

More Tips for Sober Living

  • Stay connected with your counselor on a weekly basis. Your counselor can help you out of your stressful moments after rehab.
  • Attend as many as three group sessions in a week. This should be continuous at least during your first year of sobriety. This would help you to support others as well as share your experience with others.
  • After rehab most addicts need to undergo a re-learning process. There is plenty of role reversal outside in the society and family when they come out. They need to learn from scratch how to function without drugs and or alcohol.
  • Relieve the pressure that is building over your life and try to overcome it through inspiration and belief in yourself and god. Visit the church often and read the scriptures to get inner strength.

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