Sober Living Homes Provide A Perfect Environment For Alcohol Treatment

Some of our great thinkers have suggested and proved from time to time that to every problem there is always a suitable solution. However, unfortunately some people, due to circumstances have taken to alcohol as a permanent solution to all their problems. Escapism is not a solution for problems; it is only an avenue to accumulate your problems. Some people cross this phase and move on with life while others, who the great Darwin would club as the weaker ones, get stuck in the mud and live their lives in a pool of chaos. When many people join their hands for a common cause, the problem is solved all by itself. Based on the very foundation of community support, sober living homes contrive a highly effective environment for all the affected youth to share their experiences and collaboratively reflect and work towards a solution for their problems by supporting each other on their path to recovery.

For people who have never gone through the condition of alcoholism or witnessed a close friend or relative fight with alcohol dependency issues, the relevance of a sober living home may not sink in. These are institutions run mostly by private individuals whose aim is to focus on the problem of alcoholism through community living solutions. Sober living homes should not be confused with alcohol treatment centers. They do not provide medical therapy or detox sessions for alcoholics though they do provide referrals for individuals desiring the same. They provide a clean living environment free of any negative influences with zero tolerance to alcohol or other mind-altering substance usage. The residents of such homes are self-driven people who simply require a change in their living conditions and circumstances to overcome their dependency issues and get back into mainstream society.

The major evil to which most of the emotionally depressed and dejected people fall victim to is excessive alcohol consumption. In addition, this immoral habit has dire consequences just like any narcotic usage. Alcohol is a CNS depressant, which induces drowsiness and prevents pain, the frontline protective mechanism of the human body system. It causes the impairment of body control, coordination, concentration and causes violent emotional outbursts. To cope with such serious deterioration, one requires the support and encouragement of people who actually know what the victim is going through. This is how the concept of peer support and subsequently the fundamentals of the sober living home system was formed. These homes do not provide a medical regimen for alcohol treatment or detox sessions. They focus on community support programs in the form of group discussions and the residents are required to attend a minimum number of 12-step meetings in a week. Zero tolerance of alcohol and other substance abuse is enforced through periodic surprise alcohol blood checks on the residents. If the tests are found to be positive, the resident can be fined a minimal fee or expelled from the home depending on the severity of the issue.

In order to overcome alcohol dependence issues, the most important and effective weapon is the person’s own will power. This is not an easy task and requires a display of immense strength and self motivation. However, a home environment with residents who are going through the same issues and fighting the same battle can be a great morale booster. Thus, the air of such homes provide an adequate environment considered essential for recovery from the immoral and destructive habit of alcohol dependence. Here the factors that force the young people to transform their character from an alcoholic one to a purely natural one is mainly the pressure of the residing community because there are many people sharing the same problem and struggling to let it go. They all have felt the bad effects and have taken on the journey of rehabilitation after making a strong resolution. A single person may get rid of the alcoholism based solely upon his will power but he is bound to abandon the strife at some point when he is feeling really down and dejected. However, in a rehab center, an effective tool, consolidation is used to defy a common cause with all of their voices combined.

These centers create a controlled environment that succeeds in preventing the residents from previously adopted unhealthy behavior. Through unwavering support of each other, the residents of a sober living home move on like a family and guide each other on to the road to a complete recovery. Psychological help is the key component of these homes and thus provide the resident the opportunity to live a healthy life that is full of confidence to cope with the problems of life. All in all, a remarkably energized environment is provided in these places to rehabilitate the future of our youth.

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