Sober Living Challenges

Addiction is a major problem in today’s society. Among millions who are affected with addiction a few million die every year. The chances of men getting into alcohol addiction are much more than women. About two thirds of participants at Alcoholics Anonymous are men. Every year hundreds and thousands of cases of suicides, domestic violence and domestic fires are reported– all due to drinking.

Addicts are often known to be involved in abusive cases, crime and other social abomination. They prove to be a nuisance for the society and they are generally withdrawn from the society at large. It’s difficult to return to normal life and with constant thwart from life and family they refuse to return at anytime. Sober living is a challenge in itself. It becomes more difficult when you return to your previous social life after being rehabilitated.

The first step towards sobriety is admitting that you are psychologically prone towards a particular addiction. The next step is to involve yourself to a program that would help you become sober. More than anything else, it is the basic mindset of the person that plays the key role in his recovery. Once you realize your benefits and choose to keep it that way for your entire life, you are free from addiction. It also becomes much easier for you and the person that you are around, to accept you as you are. Different steps in the program like personal counseling, group interdependence, faith and knowledge build the basic pillars of connecting with ‘you’.

There are plenty of challenges of living sober outside the rehabilitation campus. These are the following few reasons why:

  • In Recovery Center, life is more disciplined and focused than life outside the campus. Hence, one needs to take extra initiative to ensure that he follows similar lifestyle and stay sober.
  • When you are independent (outside the rehabilitation campus), you can choose. This becomes a problem. You are relatively more prone to fall prey to your addiction after you are outside.
  • You need to stay determined to stay sober even when no one is watching.
  • It is difficult to keep yourself in-control and avoid any temptation that you might be thrown into.
  • Being logical and reasonable is not enough; you have to deal with reversal in role, life and people.
  • Sobriety requires handling each of your days differently. The first few are more stressful.
  • Complacency is your number one enemy. Push yourself towards recovery and keep growing towards it.

To handle sober living, you need to take a few very important steps towards life. The best way to handle sobriety in your life is to connect with group rehabilitation center. You are bound to get back to the same habits in your day to day life routine. Your counselor can support and understand your problem and work or push you forward continuously to accomplish your goal in life. To ensure that you stay sober after recovery, engage yourself in your hobbies, make new friends, join a gym, read books, listen to music and do anything else that will keep you occupied. If you were half way towards your college degree then finish it. If you are out of job, find one. If you stay determined, no one and nothing can stop you from leaving addiction and overcome sober living challenges.

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