How To Make Your Family Member Adopt Sober Lifestyle

Getting addicted to alcohol is a very slow process and people who develop alcohol dependency don’t even know what they are getting into. This is because addicts don’t realize the harm caused by their condition to family and society. It is unfortunate that because they cannot avoid certain occasions and persuasions from others or choose escapism instead of facing life challenges they resort to alcohol. It is only after getting deep into addiction that one realizes (not all addicts) how alcohol is harming their life and health and then they agree to go for alcohol recovery treatments of sober living homes.

Convincing the family member, your spouse, father brother or anyone else for addiction treatment is not an easy job. It is during this situation that the importance of family comes. Select a time when the person is alone to discuss how alcohol is affecting him. Don’t shout and be very patient while putting your point across. Don’t let the conversation turn into an argument and it is important that the addict understands that you are truly concerned. Once you succeed in convincing the family member to join a rehab treatment, give him the assurance that the entire family is with him.

It is also important to let other family members know about the crucial phase that the family member is going to undergo and that they should remain friendly and loving. It is important that even before a person goes to the rehab facility he should feel more cared for by the entire family when he takes the decision of getting rid of addiction. This will make him think that the decision to go for rehab is worth taking and that he should have taken it much earlier.

Sometimes the family feels embarrassed that they have an alcoholic in the family. They also hide that the person is undergoing treatment. It should however be known that one must feel proud that the person has taken this courageous step to join a rehab center. Hence, it is unfair to feel embarrassed about it anymore.

Most important thing for every family is to know very clearly that being sober is not an easy process and without their support it is next to impossible. If the environment at home does not help the erstwhile addict to stay sober after recovery treatment from rehab center, then resorting to a sober living home is a good idea. You can easily find one in your area and they are very effective and affordable.

The role of the family does not end even after the person has joined a rehab. In fact, their role becomes all the more important when the person is out of the rehab after successful completion of treatment. Give him a warm welcome by arranging a surprise party where no alcohol is being served. Invite only very close people to the party, who you think will genuinely feel happy to know that your family member has completed the treatment. The party will also help the person who has emerged successful after the treatment to get connected to his social circle again. The family needs to continue showing support towards the member so that he does not relapse and adopts a sober living style forever.

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