How To Encourage Your Partner For Sober Living

Motivating and encouraging a partner for sober living is one of the most arduous jobs in the world. Because more often than not it doesn’t even occur to the addict the kind of devastation his addiction is brining on the family. He stubbornly believes in the fact that everything is all right and that his life is still very well in his control. But living with an alcoholic or drug addict partner and to see the person you love suffer like that is one of the toughest situations that any one has to ever cope with. It is an exceptional and an immensely painful problem for the partner. He or she often feels that their own individual problems are nothing in comparison to their dear one who is suffering thousand times more due to the deadly addiction that is slowly pushing them, away from the healthy social stream of existence.

But what is true is that due to the addiction of one partner the other partner in the relationship is also inflicted with serious economic hardship, a disturbed and interrupted household and even physical abuse at times that goes completely unnoticed. Often the other partner also keeps the devastation on the family due to the addiction a secret in order to avoid social embarrassment and humiliation. But to act normal when nothing is actually that way is not just wrong but a real punishment as well. On the contrary the clean partner should never do anything to cover up for the addicted partner. As a strong and loving partner you need to take a positive step and provide support aimed at a sober living in the near future.

Here is a list of ways in which you can encourage your partner for a sober living in an effective way,

  • The first step you take is to stop all sorts of rescue missions of saving him or her and motivate him or her to go for a proper recovery program or alcohol treatment. Let him/her face the embarrassment that comes with the addiction. Only that can help him/her actually realize upon the destroying effects the addiction.
  • Make it a habit to talk to your addicted partner about the problems that occur due to his/her addiction once any such situation takes place. But you should only talk about such things when he/she is in a sober state. Speak to your partner in private and speak out your mind with calm. Make him/her realize how happy the both of you can once again be if he/she strides for a sobriety!
  • Encourage him or her to go for the treatment while letting them know that you are always there to help and support them in all sorts of ways possible. Make him/her realize how much it is necessary for them to gain some professional help to emerge of this painful situation to ensure the future of the both of you. Contact a recovery program and fix an appointment on behalf of your partner. Accompany him/her for the first appointment and provide as much mental support as you can.

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