Enjoy Christmas Holidays By Staying Sober

The most difficult time for an alcohol addict who is recovering from addiction is the festive season. During the holiday season, it is very difficult for someone to remain away from alcohol and stay sober when festivity is on. There is always the temptation of having that one peg. However, with the right kind of determination and a proper mindset it is not completely impossible to abstain from alcohol during a festive season like Christmas. With a supportive family to provide the right kind of motivation it is possible to practice sober living even during festivities. In fact, it is possible for people to enjoy Christmas to the fullest without touching a drop of alcohol. You just need to know that you are not alone, that there are people around to take care of you.

The most important thing that a recovering addict should do is plan out each day of the holiday in advance. Christmas holidays are the time for the family to stay together and during this time, the family should support the person and try to keep them occupied. They should not be left on their own. Fun events, parties and outings should replace the old drinking habits. It can be an interesting idea to have gatherings of the extended family and a close circle of friends to celebrate the recovery from addiction. This will encourage the recovering addict a lot and make them see the positive and a brighter side of life.

During the festive time, friends and family of an erstwhile alcoholic should always be present and be ready to support them. This not only helps in faster recovery but also increases self-confidence of the individual. At this time of the year, with all the celebrations going on, one might feel the urge to have a drink at times, but with affectionate understanding and support from family members, this urge can be curbed.

One can also take up new activities like farming, gardening, playing new board games and taking up sports. This can change their old drinking patterns by shifting attention to different practices. Rendering volunteer services in welfare organizations can be yet another option that a recovering addict can pursue. Spending time there and making themselves useful will help them pass the time and stay away from addiction.

One can also practice sober living through performing regular exercises and other health pursuits. This will help them in overcoming the alcohol problem and remaining sober. Meditation, chanting and exercising are the best ways to develop confidence and remain sober. Also, there are sober living homes that encourage an erstwhile addict to fight alcohol cravings through the path of faith and religion. The people recovering from addiction are encouraged to believe in God and discover their own happiness through this. The main aim of these homes is to build self-confidence in the persons and help them stay away from alcohol and lead a healthy and sober life.

Christmas is a time for renewing one’s faith through prayers and devotion. It is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Lord. The best way that one can celebrate this time would be to spend time with family leading a sober life. Your belief in yourself as well as God will lead you onward to a healthy and sober life. Christmas is indeed a time for realizing the true meaning of happiness and you can do so by staying away from alcohol and addiction. Sobriety is a gift which should not be wasted for anything.

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