Length of Stay

Integrity Way is designed to be a 6 month program. Some residents have remained at Integrity Way for over eighteen months, working on their spiritual growth, personal growth, and financial planning. This program is designed to give the newly recovering person the added support, tools, and structure they need to successfully transition back into their families and communities.


Residents are required to attend daily twelve-step recovery groups, as well as Integrity Way support groups while in this recovery process. Residents must have a sponsor and home group to attend. Residents are expected to either maintain employment, attend school full time, or volunteer their services to AA/NA or charitable organizations. Integrity Way monitors residents and performs random drug testing. Integrity Way offers case management to those who need additional Support.

Outside Programs

Integrity Way has partnered up with Level 5 Fitness and Conditioning to better serve our residents health and fitness needs. Level 5 offers Integrity Way residents a discounted rate of zero registration and $40 per month. That is a $149 dollar savings! Level 5 offers a full line of fitness equipment, group classes, and personal training.

Integrity Way residents need to show proof of residency to take advantage of the opportunity and must have a valid debit or credit card for monthly billing. The membership is month to month and no contract is required.

Integrity Way is strongly rooted in the spiritual twelve-step recovery program. We therefore encourage our residents to find a higher power. Integrity Way offers individuals the opportunity to attend church, synagogue, and other self-help groups. Integrity Way residents participate on a voluntary basis.

Some of the classes offered through outside programs include:

– Job Coaching/Resume Building
– Financial Budgeting
– Anger Management
– Life Skills
– Authentic Living
– Codependency
– Failing Forward
– Power To Choose
– Nutrition/Physical Fitness