Tips to Enjoy Sober Life

It is not impossible to accomplish sober living even after years of alcohol addiction. All you need is a sincere desire to beat addiction and live a life that is full of happiness and good health. If you truly wish to lead a normal life, it is very important to join a professional alcohol rehab center where you will be able to overcome addiction through medical treatment and counseling sessions. After time spent in rehab, you will again be back in the same environment where you might be tempted to get back to addiction. So it is very important to be firm in the pledge that you have taken i.e. to live a sober life and make it more enjoyable. It is very important to avoid any situation that is likely to lead you to addiction again.

The best approach is to keep yourself busy and promise to yourself that no matter what you will never resort to drinking again. You can put posters with interesting and inspiring quotes that will keep you motivated. This will help you remember your pledge and you will not falter.

Always get engaged in activities that are helpful and enjoyable. Meet new people, make friends, go to clubs, watch movies, read books, listen to music, play with kids and do anything else that you loved. You can pursue your long forgotten passions like singing, painting, dancing or any other hobby. Participating in sports will help you keep your mind and physique healthy. It is advised to avoid old friends who led you to addiction as their company will again drive you to addiction. You can design a site, start a blog or join online communities where you can share your experiences and get to know what others say.

At social events, initially saying NO to alcohol will be a bit difficult but once everyone in your circle knows that you have adopted a sober living style they will stop forcing you. And if you think, it is hard for you to say No at social events, you can avoid attending them. If your friends insist you to continue drinking even after knowing that you have quitted alcohol it is better to drop such friendship as the company will lead you to addiction again. If a bar comes on the way you take daily to go for work or any other place, you can take a different route, if you think that will act as a trigger.

Do things that were long pending as they will give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction. If you don’t have a job, you can get one and if you are in job already, you can join a part time course to upgrade your skills and knowledge. This will also help you in career advancement. You can even volunteer to work in addiction recovery centers, old age homes, orphanages, etc. where they need people who can lend a helping hand in noble cause. This will also provide you an insight into the realities of life and you will feel that life is much beyond addiction and one’s own problems. These thoughts will not let you waiver from the path of sober living.