Sober living – Starting a New Life After Successful Recovery

After undergoing a successful rehabilitation procedure, the patients develop a healthier and altogether better lifestyle free from their past addictions. The rehab process strengthens the person and gives them courage to move beyond the addiction to alcoholism. Leading a sober life is the goal of many recovering alcohol and drug addicts as they try to achieve a fulfilling life filled with sanity and serenity. But the big question at this point is how an individual can go through this transition period. Let us discuss a few simple things that an individual needs to keep in mind to continue sober living after successful recovery.

The first thing that you need to do is to say a loud ‘No’ to alcohol and drugs even after you are out of the treatment center. There may be strong urges and cravings for alcohol but you got to handle it with determination. However, if you want to learn how to live a sober life, you need to understand the importance of a drug-free existence and you must tell yourself daily how bad it is for you and those who love you. The actual transition would start only when you would be able to control your state of mind. You need to tell yourself that you can successfully live without depending on any drugs or alcohol. You need to maintain the emotional balance and gain stability in life and achieve an “emotional sobriety”.

Secondly, you should try to avoid people who encourage you to take alcohol. Such company will never let you adopt sober living. Try to develop a friendly and healthy relationship with people who would help you in different ways to achieve your goal towards sobriety.

Approaching a holistic process of cure through meditation and yoga can be very beneficial. Try to develop good habits. Wake up early in the morning and take a walk in a peaceful place such as a park or a golf course. Take up jogging or do some light exercises. You can also try and find peace of mind through art and craft, activities like painting, etc. These types of activities would prove to be very significant in the process of your long-term recovery. The key to sober living also involves finding creative and positive ways of self-motivation that can lead to continued success. Life should now be more “purposeful”. Rendering voluntary service to the society can prove useful for you as well. You can work for the aged or the under-privileged with a social help group. This can do wonders by providing a lot of motivation.

One should try to understand that the recovery process takes time as it involves beginning a life afresh. In the early stages of recovery an addict may feel depressed and sometime suicidal thoughts can come in mind. You need to handle such moments with courage. Your new life or sober life style must include making new friends, and learning new things that you always wanted to. This will make you feel good and happy from within. You will also be able to concentrate well on your job and feel more confident. You will notice that you have become more health conscious and are paying attention to your diet more which is a very good sign to help you stay healthy and happy.