Sober Living – Say no to alcohol during social events

Addiction to alcohol is a problem which thousands of people are struggling with. People are unaware of the ways in which they can resist the temptation of drinking when they are being offered in parties and social events. Despite the ill effects people tend to encourage their friends to have just one drink. This is a common challenge faced by not only the alcoholics but also anyone who chooses to abstain from drinking but are pressurized by the peer groups at social events. If you are trying to achieve sober living, you can simply excuse yourself or change the subject in case any one persists in the social gatherings.

Alcoholic drinks have become part of most social gatherings, and you will hardly find a party where cocktails and beers are not served. While you are attending the social gatherings, you need to be very firm about your decision to abstain from alcohol. Once you are firm and convey your intentions of not taking hard drinks at a couple of events, gradually people in your social circle would know that you don’t take alcohol. Saying NO to alcohol is difficult in the beginning, but once you succeed doing so in a couple of parties, you will notice that people will stop forcing you for it. Devise an excuse for abstaining based on your social circle and situations you may face. You are the best person to know what will work best for you. Here are a few examples.

· Once you say a firm NO, the guests at the party will get a clear message that you are extremely firm in the stance that you have taken. The possibility of others in the party pressurizing you to drink gets reduced up to a considerable extent.

· Tell them that you have attained a sober living lifestyle and you are abstaining from drinking for good health and overall well-being of your family. You will feel comfortable after offering a clear explanation.

· In order to get rid of the persisting party goers, who are continuously insisting you to have one glass; you can tell them that drinking will be a problem since you will have to drive back home.

· Say that you will be visiting some other places in the later part of the day and thus you would want to stay fit and not suffer from a hangover.

· You simply need to say “no thanks” by waving your head or hand, which is enough a gesture to emphasize that you will stick to your decision. This way you can abstain from drinking and attain sobriety.

· You must be honest about the reasons for your abstinence from drinking. You may as well say that you feel better while you abstain from drinking.

· The partygoers can also be informed that you are staying away from drinking on the basis of the advice of your health professional.

· You can have one drink, if it is an extreme situation and people around are pestering too much. Make sure you don’t cross the line.

· In order to maintain a sober lifestyle while you are in a party you may go for non alcoholic beverages poured into a cup or glass. This way no body will get to know that you are not drinking an alcoholic beverage.

· If you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and aspiring to achieve sobriety you can suggest alternatives. You may choose to drink soda water or fruit juice instead of alcoholic beverages. In case you are trying to fend off some of the offers, you can leave behind some amount of the drink in your glass for showing that you are still working on it.

Each and every one of us owes to ourselves our own health and well being. In order to attain sober living, you need to take the right decisions and not let others take decisions for you. The consequences of healthy living have very long lasting positive effects.