Sober living: Meet New People with Confidence

Congratulations, now that you are out of the clutches of alcohol and have decided to stay sober. Alcohol addiction usually makes a person’s confidence low and gradually he starts avoiding meeting friends or attending social events. Due to this, when people go for rehabilitation treatments and addiction recovery and come out successful, one thing that need to work on is to get back to their social circle. Initially they feel hesitant and are not sure if their life will become normal like it was when they were not into alcohol drinking. Now that you have already managed one step ahead by choosing sober living there’s no more fear of loosing it and waking up the next morning wondering what you said the previous night. With a little self assertion and practice you will be able to get your social life back on track very soon. The tips in this article can effectively help you to get back to your old social circle and make new friends with ample confidence.

Ø After you have undergone alcohol treatment and are determined to follow sober living style, the next big challenge is to be part of the society which once had distanced from you. In order to break the ice, don’t bother too much about what people will say or think. Be positive and start thinking like a child who is fearless and have no idea of the potential threats. Try to gain a peerless confidence of the similar kind! Tell yourself that people will be happy to see you back free from the addiction

Ø To meet new people, you will need to take an initiative and start hanging out at places like a gym or a library where you can make new friends. You can also join community services or any voluntary organization. Another great idea is to visit the church on Sundays regularly. This way you will again become part of the society and will feel good about yourself.

Ø Be friendly and easy to talk to. Don’t talk too much and maintain a balance. When you talk more the chances of saying senseless stuff increases, so it’s better to talk less and talk sense. Neither joke around nor stay absolutely quiet and serious. Just be yourself and stay normal. Keep a smile on your face and behave in a pleasing way so that others notice you and find you interesting.

Ø You also need to work on your body language. Don’t use too much of hands while talking. In other words no over animated talks. At the same time, don’t just stand in a corner with folded hands as if you are guilty of something. You should rather be proud that you have chosen sober living. So feel good about yourself and that will automatically get reflected on your face. Gradually you will notice that all those old friends and relatives will feel like walking up to you and open a conversation. Good luck for a new beginning!