Sober Living-How to Rehabilitate Your Alcoholic Partner

As a life partner of an alcohol addict one has to experience a lot of emotional ups and downs. One minute they are being treated wonderfully and the very next moment they are being blamed for all possible reasons. If your partner is an alcoholic, the best way for you to deal with them is to segregate the element of alcohol abuse from your relationship. All your energies must be diverted towards helping your partner get rid of the alcohol addiction through professional help and by making your partner understand how bad it can be for both of you and your entire family. This will enable you to remain firm and healthy both physically and emotionally.

The first step towards sober living is to seek a suitable remedy for the problem and aid the spouse to follow that. This can be done by not getting emotionally or mentally involved in their drinking, as this will directly affect you and your life in a negative way. You must be in a position to be able to make your spouse realize the problem and seek adequate help for it. Try to find a time and place when your partner is in a sober mood and listen to you with attention. Then explain your concerns about the problem. Do not let the conversation turn into an argument and for this you will need to very polite, patient and tactful. Once your partner accepts the problem, you can talk about professional alcohol treatment in sober living homes or treatment centers.

You must realize that it is your spouse who has to take the decision and no amount of what you do will actually help them until they want to help themselves. Do not let them take recourse to alcohol as a solution for problems. Make them understand that alcohol itself is the problem. However, let them solve their own problems without direct help from you, or else they will become increasingly dependent on you.

Do not bring your life to a stop. Remember that you have a life beyond all this and you deserve to live your life to the fullest. If your spouse is not willing to participate in various activities like your child’s birthday or going to their school, don’t force them. However, don’t put a stop to them either.

A big help will be joining an Al-Anon group as this is a platform where you will meet other people with similar problems and their spouses. They will be facing the same issues and therefore discussing and talking about things will be therapeutic for you. These meetings will help you to learn different strategies and techniques needed to assist your spouse and yourself.

Lastly, the only permanent and beneficial way will be to seek professional intervention to deal with alcohol abuse. This is the only way that will actually get a permanent remedy for the troubles and help your spouse to adopt sober living forever without succumbing to drinking temptations.