Sober Living: How to Enjoy Parties While Staying Sober

When you decide to adopt a sober living style, there are many things that you will need to change about the way you live. Attending social events is part of life and alcoholic drinks are part of such gatherings. It is not a hard thing to enjoy a social gathering or party while staying sober. Drinking cannot be the only factor that decides the measure of enjoyment in the party. An event can be enjoyed even while abstaining from hard drinks and staying sober. Regular and heavy drinking cannot be supported as it can destroy not only individuals but entire families as well. It is therefore always better to avoid drinking and in situations where it gets difficult to abstain, one should still exert good control on oneself and simply say “no”.

There are several tactics you can employ in order to abstain from alcohol and stay sober while enjoying a party. There might be the chance of getting enticed and coaxed by someone into drinking. In order to avoid this situation, you can offer to help out the host in organizing the party. This way you will be able to keep yourself busy with one task or the other and the question of being coaxed into drinking will not arise. This is a nice and tactical way to stay away from alcohol while enjoying a party. Remember, the main thing is to have a good amount of self-control and a strong determination to avoid drinking. Your will power and strength of character should be strong enough to not let anyone entice you into drinking.

Another way to abstain from alcohol is to drink fruit juices or other lighter non-alcoholic beverages like aerated drinks. Try to stay with the same drink and hold the same glass in hand for the whole evening. With a drink already in your hand people will not bother you to have something else. If you do not get any non-alcoholic beverage at all, you can settle for some drink with low alcoholic content. This will ensure that you do not get drunk. Another way of staying sober is to eat good food. Several foods have the ability to absorb some part of alcohol, thereby ensuring that the people do not lose their senses.

Make sure to enjoy the party and walk around to meet people. Talking more will ensure that you drink less. Standing and walking will allow the alcohol to settle in the stomach. Also make sure that you drink enough water. This helps in making alcohol become diluted in the stomach. It is also a good idea to be with a good and trusted friend who will ensure that you do not get drunk. Trust your loved ones to support you when you need them the most.

At times, you may feel left out of your group because you are the only one not drinking alcohol. This may get you tempted to drink. However, do not let such feelings sway you from your resolve of sober living. The best thing to do is to retain faith in yourself and to remember that what you are doing is right. It is indeed possible to enjoy a party while remaining sober and not getting drunk. This is a test of life where one should work hard to succeed because what lies ahead is a beautiful life with family and friends. Sober living is your right and with determination you can practice it too. Remember that no one but you can decide how you live your life –by staying sober and healthy or by depending on alcohol and ruining it. The choice is yours.