Sober living houses are affordable drug rehab alternatives

Sober living housing offers treatment through minimal therapies. Here a group of addicts stay together in order to get rid of addiction. These homes follow a zero tolerance policy, are quite affordable and don’t ask for high entrance fees. Though you can find high-priced exclusive sober homes too. You can easily find a sober home as they are there in almost all American areas. Oxford house is one organization that runs many sober living homes throughout The United States.

In comparison to the other drug rehabilitation alternatives the sober living homes are quite inexpensive. They provide continued facilities that enable the patients attain a life of sobriety. The restrictions and help from the support groups provide necessary guidance to the recovering alcohol addicts to attain a dignified life. The treatment programs in these homes have been formulated specifically for erstwhile addicts and they involve counseling and an extensive medical diagnosis of the condition of the individuals. This ensures the efficacy of the program in providing a solution to alcoholism.

The sober living homes provide invaluable transitional tools at reasonable rates for helping the patients live a normal life through re-entering the various social circles they were once part of. The rehabilitation procedures followed by the sober homes include counseling the patients to readapt to the society in a healthy manner. The various programs are priced to suit all kinds of pockets, especially people with middle-class background. The apartment style programs and the group home setting programs constantly endeavor to help the alcoholics become sober permanently.

Below are stated the main factors which differentiate the inexpensive services of sober living homes from other rehab centers:

  • The regular and affordable drug testing methods which are carried out on a daily basis unlike many other drug rehab center ensure that substance abuse relapse does not occur.
  • The sober living homes are dedicated towards achieving the goal of maintaining sobriety. The residents, in course of their treatment, come in contact with other people who are undergoing a similar phase in life. This results in a group effort that helps them advance on the path of recovery at a faster rate. There are professionally trained staff members having medical background who provide support.
  • The residents are required to attend meetings on a regular basis as a part of the recovery process. In these meetings the members provide support to each other. The affordable services which are offered by the sober living homes also require the patients to keep themselves busy through some job or through continue their education. This way the individuals engage themselves in constructive activities.

Sober rehab homes have gained immense popularity these days for they offer amenities in a cost-effective way. The “community living” methods followed here enable the residents to share space with each other. The different responsibilities which they are required to carry out help them regain their self-esteem and increase their sense of accountability. All this serves in diverting their attention to positive things during the phase when relapses remain a matter of serious concern. The affordable treatment methods are designed to help the addicts come out of their state of intoxication and live a life free of drugs and alcohol. The patients are trained to deal with their behavioral changes and cope with different stress-related mechanisms. The unique rehabilitation programs of sober homes are designed to help the individuals move towards attaining a healthy life. The environment of the transitional homes helps the residents regain their self-confidence and start life a fresh.