Sober Living Homes: What facilities are offered?

Sober living homes have a unique offering to its residents i.e. the most suitable environment for rehabilitation by focusing on their mental abilities and helping them adapt to a healthy lifestyle. These places are designed in a special manner to support the recovery of addicts by concentrating their focus on returning to a perfectly normal lifestyle. The air of such homes is blended with the potential activities to distract the minds of the recovery addicts from the negative thoughts of drinking and taking drugs. The energized surroundings of the home make it most viable when it comes to engaging peculiar healthy activities for mental and physical fitness. Such homes provide its residents with a wide range of unique facilities, some of them are stated below:

1. The most crucial aspect of this particular home is that it gathers together like-minded people to share each other’s thoughts and magnify the possibilities of adopting a successful and sustainable sober behavior by contributing positively to the community. Thus, it serves as a community for similar people to ultimately, give a focused effort in facilitating each member of the community to head towards prosperity and mental peace.

2. Another plus point of these places is that they provide a friendly environment screened thoroughly for any kind of material that could prove negative to the developing sober behavior. Checked off drugs, the houses are focused on enforcing zero tolerability to alcohol or other mind-altering substance usage.

3. The residents of a sober living home are subject to periodic random drug testing to ensure that the residents are on the right path to recovery. Even spirit-based medication and vanilla extracts are banned on the premises as they could give a false positive in the event of such testing. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure the prime physical condition and hygiene of each resident.

4. The sober living homes also make appropriate arrangements for its residents to acquire a useful occupational skill to be coupled with the daily chores that they are expected to perform around the home. The residents are provided with training to develop an occupational skill that best matches the resident’s interests to ensure they are occupied physically and mentally in constructive activities preventing them from diverging back to addictive behavior and alcohol consumption.

5. The residents of these homes are required to attend a minimal number of counseling sessions through the 12-step program or Alcholics Anonymous in a week. The residents are required to be self-supportive with a job or a source of income. If the resident is a student, he will have to participate in weekly community service programs apart from the daily chores carried out in the home. This is to ensure a smooth transition to the community as fully recovered individuals.

6. The homes are occasionally provided with a coworker or a helper who would live side by side with the community for extra support to any of the residents whenever needed. These people are also sent to their homes to meet their siblings and may extend the duration of their trip depending on the behavior of the curing person.

7. In short, a sober living home provides the necessary environment for an individual to achieve full sobriety through a self-driven effort. Apart from this, they provide a clean, hygienic home setting in which the resident is required to contribute to the community in a positive manner through performance of daily chores and other community services. This basically gives the resident a feeling of belongingness to a community.