Helping Your Partner to Start a Sober Living

Is your dear one struggling with painful alcoholism or drug addiction? Is it becoming increasingly intolerable for you to see him/her getting deep into addiction with each passing pay? Well then it is time for you to step up and take an active role in ensuring a proper and professionally design de-addiction treatment for him. That is the most necessary thing you need to do right at this moment. Often in such situations he may show denial, get angry or even feel ashamed about his problem. But you are the one who has to motivate him that there is actually effective help available out there. This, however, is not easy and it is also true that you cannot ignore your loved one.

Neither alcoholism nor drug abuse is easy to leave, and you must understand that your partner has been living with them since years. So expecting that he/she will leave it overnight is a bit too much. With sound mental support and continuous motivation coming from your end it will be a lot easier for your partner to overcome alcoholism and addiction. In such circumstances, you can be like a support system for your partner and slowly and steadily take him towards sober living.

As far as alcohol treatment for sober living is concerned, there are two potent options available out there.

  • In-patient addiction rehabilitation centers
  • Out-patient addiction treatment centers

The outpatient service is for all those addicted individuals who can still be treated in their residential environment whereas the in-patient treatment is a more rigorous and concentrated one aiming at all those individuals who are into serious addiction. The drug addicts or alcoholics of the latter category need serious professional and clinical help to carry on with their daily activities. They also need sound medical treatment in order to progress towards a clean life and regain sobriety.

In case of in-patient treatment, specialized medical practitioners will be assisting your partner through the recovery process. Often people do a common mistake of taking the entire blame on themselves for their partner not being able to recover from addiction. They feel disappointed at the fact that their partner is not able to quit drugs or let go of the addiction even for their love. But actually the fact is that often just the love and support of the family members and the friends is not enough to do away with the addiction. Though will power is indispensable for a sober living, yet it really requires a lot more than that to come out of the grips of substance abuse. Hence you have to keep faith in your partner and don’t get disappointed even if one or two relapses occur.

So it is your duty to motivate and encourage your partner to go ahead and join an alcohol treatment center or drug rehabilitation center for full service accommodations and instrumental techniques that will lead him to sobriety with speed. In case you find that in-patient treatment is suggested, you will have to take the responsibility of convincing your partner for it as immediate help may be necessary to treat the situation properly.