Say No to Drugs with Assistance from Rehab CT Centers

Connecticut is the hub of rising drug abuse. Alcohol, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, club drugs and crack cocaine addiction are the most common problems here. Once an individual gets into addiction he loses control of himself and however much he may like to assert that he is all right, he is going forwards on the path of self destruction and can only be stopped if given assistance at a suitable rehab.

These recovery centers have experienced and well trained experts to cure the addict with the help of a suitable treatment tailored to the patients addiction and the requirements. There are a number of rehab CT centers in the state that help an addict to overcome their problem.

The usual course of treatment is diagnosis in the first place. This is important to find out all factors related to the addiction and to chalk out a treatment plan so that these can be cured. Based on the diagnosis a report is prepared and this report dictates the treatment solution specifically designed to address all the related issues.

On admission the patient is put on a nutritious diet and a detox. A special diet plan including fresh fruits and vegetables and nutrient supplements will take care of not only revitalizing his body but will also assist in detoxification. This is the most difficult stage when, deprived of drugs, the addict will experience the most horrific withdrawal pains which are unbearable and excruciating. To help him tide over this period, medical supervision is a must and medications are given to sedate him and suppress cravings and make this situation bearable. This takes a week or so.

Once through this stage the addict will be stable and in a state of remission but can go back to addiction if released. His mind needs to be treated to make him strong from within so that he does not fall prey to drugs again. At the same time his thought processes, his behavior and attitudes to life and people are also modified through a counseling process. He gets motivated to live life, not ignore it or let it pass by. During this stage his family and friends are also brought in to play a supportive and caring role so that he is in the right mental environment that will make him strong and continue his treatments till the very end.

Once clear and resolute through the training, he is given further training on how to manage himself and his life and handle situations that might act as triggers. Possibly he will gain some insights into vocations that are good for him and seek a temporary position until fully recovered when he can simply say NO, thank you, when someone offers him drugs.

This is what is achieved in a drug rehab CT. There are different kinds of centers here which offer various modes of treatments which can be broadly classified into conventional centers, holistic centers and faith based centers. Each has its own advantages which suit an addicts temperament and help him recover faster. As such it is best for an addict to choose a center based on his inclination so that he stays actively engaged and involved in his treatment.

An addict will most often be destitute as well and looking to this factor, rehab CT centers have programs for free treatment of such people since this is a vital service to society. For such treatments funds are provided by government and charity organizations.

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