Nourishment to Life at the Rehab AR Centers

Located in the southern part of our country, Arkansas is not immune to the problem of drug addiction among its people. Substance abuse is a serious problem here just as in every other part of America.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol stems from factors like stress at work, frustration, loneliness and depression. People start using drugs and drinking excessive alcohol as a means of getting their minds off their problems. They turn to these stimulants mostly as an escape from their troubles. People of all age group, starting from teens to adults, get into this habit of using alcohol and drugs. People tend to get into this deadly habit despite knowing the harmful consequences that are related to drug abuse. Youngsters sometimes attempt it even due to peer pressure or just to look cool.

Considering the escalating drug and alcohol situation, several rehabs have been set up in the land of opportunity as Arkansas is nicknamed. The drug and alcohol rehabs AR are centers where people can get back their lives from the clutches of substance addiction. The Arkansas rehabs have been very active over the past few over the past few years with hundreds of new people enrolling themselves here. The foremost step in all rehabs is to allow the patient feel accepted and create a supportive environment, lest they indulge in self-blame or get depressed. Once the patients develop a sense of security they are likely to trust and respond to the treatment programs more.

Initially on enrollment, the client-history is recorded. This includes the history of substance abuse, of prior medication, legal history, social support, choice of treatment, level of drug dependency, and reasons for initially starting the abuse.

Most of the centers of rehab AR offer a two step program, which include hospital based and residential based parts. The hospital based program sees the patient undergoing detoxification. This may not always be in a hospital but definitely under the expertise of a medical practitioner. This process cleanses the patients physical system internally of all traces of drugs and alcohol.

The second level is the residential program, which can be inpatient or outpatient. Generally these require the addicts to accept goals of long-term sobriety. At the rehabs they re-learn and re-adopt a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and regular sleep patterns. Any feeling of helplessness during this period of abstinence from the addictive is addressed through counseling sessions.

Some rehabs hospitals in Arkansas also offer abstinence therapy by washing out the toxins from the body along with an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Unlike in the rehabs, long-term treatment is seldom preferred here due to the large number cases handled. A piece of good news regarding the financial aspect of treatment is that most of the hospital units accept all types of insurance.

The increasing rate of emergence of addiction cases necessitates the state to offer specialized units treating specific drug types and age groups. The rehabs AR ensure specialized treatment to alcoholics, juvenile delinquents, pregnant women, and patients of eating disorder.

Many rehabilitation centers facilitate patients with a 12-step program. This program caters to the specific needs of the person, such as alcoholism, and addiction to cocaine and other narcotics. Regular meetings of self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous take place where members can sit together and discuss their struggle in remaining sober after recovery.

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