Measures to Eliminate Drug and Alcohol Abuse at Rehab ID Centers

Drug traffickers and human ingenuity have developed and discovered newer drugs and newer ways to get addicted. In the same way drug and alcohol abuse centers are developing and refining techniques to tackle addicts and bring them back to a normal life. The 12 step program was the first cohesive program designed to tackle addiction, mainly alcoholism, later modified to handle drug addictions as well. Since then researchers have been studying the way addictions work and how drugs influence the mind and body and have developed techniques to rid the individual of addiction. Addiction is more a state of mind than the body and so when an addict is taken into a rehab, it is his mind which is the object of attention and treatment.

Addicts are mostly in a state of denial. There are individual interventionists but now rehab ID centers employ an in house interventionist who will initiate the process of rehab through convincing an addict to change his mindset and undergo rehab.

Where the interventionist leaves off, the doctors and psychiatrists take over, diagnosing the addict and listing out his ailments, physical and mental, and then designing a treatment plan for him.

A nutritionist also enters the stage and designs a nutritious diet plan for the addict.

Detox is then initiated to flush out toxins and clear up the mind of the addict. This is a process that has to be gone through, however much painful it may be. At the end of a week the addict is relatively free of cravings and can live a day without feeling the need.

However his mind is still weak and the counselors take over, removing and weeding out negative thoughts and impulses and then instilling positive thoughts in his mind, motivations, desires to live life to the full, be responsible, achieve something, have goals, targets and a reason and purpose in life.

Then there will also be group sessions and social interaction so that forgotten social skills are polished.

A drug addict will be encouraged to take up a hobby or some useful activity which will keep him engaged and busy. Possibly at the center itself he will be introduced to music or painting or some creative crafts.

The thrust of all these activities is to get the patient to be more interested in life and have a motivation which will keep away addictive thoughts.

Before he leaves the center he will also be taught valuable lessons in life skills, managing himself and controlling impulses and desires and being in charge of situations which might possibly trigger relapses.

An addict might think that the stay inside a rehab will be difficult and unpleasant. As a matter of fact it is nothing of that sort. Staff at the rehab ID centers goes all the way to make the stay comfortable, give care and support and encouragements. There is no inquisition, accusations or confrontations. So if you are an addict and have some misconceptions about the measures adopted at these centers, you can rest easy and decide about enrolling at a nearest rehab center and attain freedom from drugs.

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