Holistic Approach and Tailor-made Assistance Programs at the AZ Rehabs

The western state of Arizona has been steadily facing an increase in the rate of drug and alcohol addiction. Drug and alcohol abuse are serious disorders and diseases that jeopardize personal, professional and social lives of individuals. They also create problems for the society in general as drug addiction gives rise to numerous offenses.

To counter the situation in Arizona, various dug therapy centers have been set up to combat the alarming situation. In most cases, the addicts refrain from approaching the rehabs on their own. They feel a sense of guilt, shame and hopelessness. The AZ rehabs focus especially on educating the patients that drug abuse is not due to a lapse of character, but simply a wrong choice of becoming completely reliant on drugs.

The rehabs in Arizona follow a holistic approach to treatment that takes care of both physical and mental aspects of addiction. The patients are offered tailor-made treatment programs that serve the purpose of bringing the addicted persons out of dependence on drugs.

The 12-step program is the nucleus of holistic treatment. It respects the patients mental state and educates them on the situation. The 12-step therapy has been proven to be a most effective treatment plan in many states like Arizona. The process gradually introduces the patient to meetings and groups of people with similar problems. Together they can begin a step-by-step path towards sobriety.

A detoxification process needs to be conducted up after which the patient is assigned to either an outpatient or a residential program depending on the severity of their addiction. In the course of an outpatient facility, the patients get to return home at the end of each day. However, it retards the rehabilitation process of acute addicts as they need constant monitoring that can be provided only under inpatient treatment plan. A residential long-term program is thus better for such patients.

A psychological test also needs to be conducted on the patients/ Several personality tests aid in confirming the diagnosis accurately. It clarifies if the symptoms are solely due to abuse or whether there are other underlying medical causes.

Though the addiction rehabs in Arizona rely on medical treatment, the in-house counselors also conduct therapy for a holistic treatment of the patient. They often tap the triggers that lead to increased carvings in patients and study the pattern of their psycho-social mood and behavior. One important point worth mentioning is that the willingness of the patients is the key to a successful long-term recovery.

Without a thorough treatment process, there remains always the fear of relapse which hampers the recovery. Assistance from therapists go a long way in preventing relapse.

The AZ rehabs employ numerous sources to help fight addiction relapse like the local church and prayer groups or the local Alcoholic/Narcotic Anonymous groups.

Most centers offer two sorts of therapy; short-term and long-term treatment programs. The short-term varies between 28 to 40 days. Short-term treatment is effective for patients not exposed to extended drug abuse, or for relapse patients who wish to resume their sobriety. The long-term rehab treatments, extend beyond 60 days, and are recommended for severe cases of addiction.

The AZ rehabs offer multiple payment options to help and support the addicts who are willing to undergo the drug rehabilitation process. The rehabs in Arizona aim at providing holistic treatment and ensuring relapse prevention. These programs encompass every aspect of life and strengthen the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the patient.

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