Fighting Drug Abuse in the First State with Rehab DE

Nicknamed the First State, Delaware is the second smallest of all American states in area. It is an upcoming state economically. Drug abuse has become a pretty rampant in this Atlantic Coast state and the issue is creating problems for the state administration. The most frequent drugs that are found here are crack or cocaine, heroin and marijuana.

According to data from a national survey conducted at different Rehab DE centers, the state has the highest levels of cocaine abuse in the country. According to the survey at least 7.2% of the people had smoked or snorted cocaine at least once in their life time back in 1999. In the last few years this figure has risen to 14.7%.

Heroin abuse rose up to 67% and there was a 211% increase in case of treatments related to marijuana addictions. The fact that these drugs are easily available to people from all socio-economic classes, is contributing to the alarming situation that 80%of the crimes taking place in Delaware are related to drugs or drug addiction. Cocaine and heroin are the most popular drugs prevalent in Delaware of which cocaine alone accounts for almost 50% of the admissions to the states drug rehabs, DE.

Most of the cases are springing up at Wilmington, the largest city in state. The city is a corridor for interstate drug trafficking that extends up to Miami. Another favorite drug joint in the summers is the Rehoboth Beach. For the young, hearty and adventurous people there are chemical party drugs that are pharmaceutically manufactured. These are mostly taken in rave parties and college parties.

Most of the drug crimes in Delaware are related to cocaine and heroin addicts. According to data from rehab DE, Methamphetamine or meth is now hardly found in the state drug scenario. . However, there is still the more important issue of the nuisance created by abuse of certain diverted pharmaceuticals like LSD, MDMA, GBH and PCP.

Many college goers and high school kids have been reported to be alcoholics. Binge drinking along with drug consumption by teenagers and young adults is another issue faced by the state of Delaware The dual problem of alcoholism and drug addiction is very difficult to deal with at most rehabs.

The state administration has gained successful results with the three point rehabilitation program. The three points involved are the Key Program, the Crest Program and the Aftercare program. Most of the addiction habits stem from deep-rooted traumatic reflexes that could have happened during childhood or at a young age. In an interview several drug addicts have suggested loneliness and non acceptance in social circles as two of the prime reasons to opt for binge drinking and drug consumption.

To combat the drug and alcohol situation, a stringent drug de-addiction program is followed in most states of the USA. Delaware is no exception to this. The Key Program is the first step towards the process of de-addiction. It keeps the patients away from the addictives, thereby increasing their will power to abstain from the substance gradually and surely. The Crest Program is more liberal and those who are undergoing treatment are residents at the centers.

Through behavioral therapy, twelve-step meetings, halfway houses, and holistic approach, these rehabs help the patient every step of the way. The way itself may appear to be extremely difficult, and recovery may seem unlikely. However, one must keep steady and sure on the path to recovery.

The rehab DE organizations helps most addicts with the above two chief programs. The third one is the Aftercare process during which the patients are given additional counseling at the completion of the rehabilitation process. It emphasizes on group activities and a joint effort towards better social life.

As the narcotic culture is growing in Delaware the programs have gained due importance because of their consistent success rate. More and more people are now opting for these treatments as awareness is hitting the masses. The first step toward proper rehabilitation in Delaware can change the life of a Delawarean by making their mind, body and soul hearty and healthy.

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