Facilitating Support and Guidance against Addiction at Rehab MS Centers

All around the country drug abuse has become an ever growing issue, with more and more people becoming addicted to a harmful substance, and Mississippi is no exception. Due to its widespread interstate system, rail and air systems, deep water and river ports, the state has become a hub for drug peddlers and traffickers to promote illicit drug trade.

Many of the drug peddlers convert cocaine into crack cocaine to promote their retail business. It is easily available and accessible due to its popularity. Caucasian independent groups produce methamphetamine and Mexican drug trafficking organisation promotes the sale and distribution and run meth labs around the state.

Locally produced marijuana is intended for local consumption. It is considered as a gateway drug by the young adults and teens, those who are in beginning phases of drug experimentation. Diverted Pharmaceuticals and club drugs, especially MDMA continue to be a viable threat.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported aapproximately 177,000 (7%) of Mississippi citizens (ages 12 or older) reported past month use of an illicit drug. In 2007 survey involving Mississippi high school students, 36 percent admitted to trying marijuana at least once.

These statistics show that drug addiction is at critical point in the state. Due to this, there is a great need for effective drug treatment in the state. The State had come up with rehab MS where it administers the public system of drug and alcohol abuse prevention and treatment services.

These services offer state-wide network that comprises of state-operated facilities, local mental health centres and other non-profit community-based programs.

Rehab MS centers offer a continuum of services that range from inpatient to outpatient and residential treatment to the people who are suffering from addictive and psychiatric diseases to the extent of providing after care once treatment is over to ensure that the state of sobriety continues..

They start the treatment with detox conducted by specialized medical professionals. Here, they try to flush out the drugs and toxins associated with the drug addiction from the individuals body. Detox is a stepping stone to start addiction recovery process and use of medicines is made to make the process as bearable as possible.

Once this done, they continue their treatment with following methods: counselling, 12 step recovery, chemical dependency education alternative therapy and group therapy.

In group counselling, the individual is asked to confront personal problem with peers. They support each other and help one another to cope with life without using drugs. In individual counselling, a counsellor encourages and motivates the individual to stop using drugs.

Basically the philosophies of Rehab MS centers are to blend intensive, structured and continuous care with right support system. It is extremely recommended that an individual resume their recovery in a sober living community. These centers provide much needed support and guidance to avoid relapse. Addiction rehab is like teaching a person to walk all over again. He has to be given support, assistance and encouragement. A family therefore plays a vital role in this process and is included as a must.

Lastly, you can ask for clarification on the payment options in various Rehab MS centers. If you have insurance like Medicare, Medicaid etc, make it sure that these rehabs will work with your insurance company. If not, or if your insurance policy wont cover the total amount, you can always ask about different payment options and sliding scale plans.

Recovery is always a life long process. Though few individuals would find it difficult to go back home, an experienced guide would always provide invaluable support as a part of aftercare facilities through email, telephone and internet chat. However, it the duty of individuals family, friends and even communities to welcome them back and provide guidance, support and a caring atmosphere which would be help recovering individuals grow and make progress.

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