Life Skils Coaching

Life Skills Coaching Groups
Life Skills Coaching is important for addicts and alcoholics because many of them have not held a job for any length of time due to their drug abuse. In the Life Skills groups, individuals are taught how to find a job, how to build a resume, how to interview properly, and how to portray their strengths as it applies to the position they are applying for.

Computer Skills
The ability to use a computer and computer software is vital in today’s society. During Life Skills groups, clients will learn how to use Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and Outlook. Clients who are enrolled in the Life Skills coaching groups will be able to add these strengths to their resume and increase their ability to obtain employment.

Financial Planning
One of the struggles that an addict or alcoholic may have early in his or her program of recovery may be financial planning. Addicts can be very impulsive and use spending as a “feel good”. In Life Skills coaching groups, individuals are taught how to set a budget, how to save money, how to pay bills in a timely manner.

Time Management
Many times a person who has too much time on his or her hands may find themselves in bad situations again or hanging with the wrong crowd. Many times an individual’s priorities may not be aligned correctly with a program of recovery. In the Life Skills coaching groups they will learn how to set a schedule and stick to it, how to prioritize their time and activities, how to fill their schedule with positive recovery based activities and how to avoid boredom in early recovery.