What To Consider When Joining A Halfway House

As you want to lead a sober life free from the substance you were depending on so far, you will need to find a good halfway house as the first part of your job. Do not panic as this is not a mountainous task. All you need is a bit of research about the different halfway houses available in your city. As you look for a halfway house that will help you live a life of sobriety henceforth, you must check with a few things. Many of these houses are not licensed by the state, but that usually does not become a hindrance in their way from doing a good job of helping people out. A few things that are very important when you decide to join a halfway or sober house are:

  • What are their policies in the treatment of the patients?
  • What are the rules that they normally follow? How do they enforce those rules?
  • How the residents are treated and how strict are the norms?
  • If you return intoxicated one day, how would they deal with you?

These are few things that you can ask the authorities of the halfway houses. Still, there remain a few other things that you need to understand by instinct. You should want to have a look at the room that you would be staying in if you join. See whether the size of it is appropriate for you and your room mates. See whether the room is well maintained – painted and well kept. Exchange a word or two with your probable room mate. There is a huge issue about adjustability; faltering which you may not be able to come out of the addicted way of life.

You must see the efficiency of the managers – both the General Manager and the House Manager. After all it is they who are in charge of the entire management of the house. If they are efficient and hard working then the house is sure to help you in your transition from a life of insobriety to sobriety.

The ambience of the halfway houses is also important for you. The cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene factors should be counted in before you zero in on one. Would you prefer to stay in a house that has cracked walls and leaking roofs and dampened floors? See if you like the place and feel good about it, before joining it.

Try to have a discussion about the kinds of programs and how were they expected to help you. There are different kinds of programs to help you quit your habit of addiction. Try and see the logic behind those programs. A lot of counseling and prayer sessions are a part of these programs. Check whether you can attend any private sessions to talk to the professionals with no fear.

We are always seeking value for our money’s worth. One of the important things to consider is the fees the halfway houses charge and whether they are affordable or not. Next, try to evaluate if the fees is reasonable, considering the services they offer. You can also go for a house that may be a bit costly, but offer services that are worth the value.

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