Types Of Treatments Found In A Halfway House

The most important advantage with the halfway house is that these help establish a very important connection between the community on one hand and the institutional care made available to the recovered individuals just out from the prison to the hospital. It serves the primary purpose of providing the much required residential and rehabilitative services to all those needy individuals who are looking forward to them. Most of the halfway or sober houses out there provide the novel and distinctive programming that is custom made to suit the needs and requirements of the residents who are trying to find a place back into the mainstream of society. It can be said that halfway houses are like a societal vehicle that are supposed to reinstate and spread community awareness. These institutions provide all the information in regard to the positive consequences of being involved in a correction program in the first place. There are basically four distinctive kinds of treatments provided at a halfway house. These include:

  • reatment at the Satellite Apartments or Private Homes: The services in this kind of treatment are in general limited to the board and a room and the treatment is based on a helping relationship that helps the patients suitably to trace back a suitable life.
  • Treatment at the Non-structured residences: The non structured halfway residences are multi-purpose facilities that cater to a diverse assortment of clients and make the services available with the minimum amount of intervention.
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  • reatment under Structured Program Facilities: The facilities where the structured program facilities are available follow distinctive discharge policies along with a strict admission procedure. This is necessary for a suitable distribution of proper assistance services along structured counseling that is immensely effective in this context.
  • Treatment at the Social Program Facilities: These treatments are in general concerned with the particular offenders who are in need of a psychiatric treatment as they are caught in the loop of addiction.

The goal of a sober house treatment is to provide a much needed therapeutic community that helps in the promotion of a revamped lifestyle that characterizes sobriety and at the same time boosts the productivity level of the person. Halfway houses make their treatments available at a very sensitive transition period from when the person steps out of the doors of a prison or a rehab home and until he once again returns to the main course of the society. Most treatment services other than the four distinctive mentioned above includes:

  • Group counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Referrals to Alcoholic Anonymous
  • Referrals to Narcotics Anonymous
  • Referrals to various other Community resources
  • Distinctive planning for school, job or finances
  • Planning for a suitable living environment
  • Continuous and ongoing care

All in all, it has to be mentioned that all the various kinds of treatments that are provided at a recovery house are planned in a unique way by expert practitioners to ensure ample care and counseling of the patients. This helps in pacing up the revamping process that is so necessary for the recovered individual to find a life back in the course of the normal society outside the gates of the sober house.

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