Starting A Halfway House Recovery Program For Substance Abusers

The main purpose of the halfway houses and the sober living houses is to rescue the addicts from drowning into the world of addiction. The professionals of the halfway houses extend their helping hand for supporting the addicts to assist them to quit. If you want to live a sober life like most of your other friends, and live a happy life with your family, then you must take shelter in a halfway house for a few days. There is a lot that the founders of these halfway houses go through to help people to be a part of sober society. As a decision is made to help the addicts to lead a normal life with their heads held high, the following things must be followed:

First stage: The first thing that needs to be decided is the location of the halfway house. The choice of location is very important. The houses must be located in a quiet, residential area. This will prevent the residents of the houses from feeling secluded from the rest of the world. Above all, permission is required to set up the house in the desired location by the state. The situation must be such that it has easy access to the hospitals and the supermarket.

Second stage: Once you have obtained the necessary permission to set up a halfway house, you need to decide whether you want to be a licensed body or a non licensed one. This has no compulsion from the state. If you choose to be a non licensed operator, you must be aware of all the rules, which might otherwise make the state seize your organization license. Also if you are a non-registered or licensed body then you cannot organize for programs alone. You can do so with the cooperation of the local Church.

Third stage: You need to make an account of all the necessary costs, which includes – mortgage payments, cost of beds, foods, electricity, computers, and pest control facilities. As you take them into account, do not forget the additional costs like – inspection fees, renewing of license (if you are a licensed body) and accounting charges. You should also take into account the variable costs which may be caused by sudden adversities. The number of your residents, you want to provide accommodation for, will prompt you to decide upon your cost.

Fourth stage: You should have an arrangement for things like – wheel chair, fire extinguisher and parking space. All these may help you to tackle certain situations which you may miss to foresee.

Fifth stage: As you decide to put up a sober living house you must go out and interact with the neighbors of the locality around you. This will help you fetch enough community support, the need of which is inevitable in the process. Their encouragement also helps you to do a good job, as you know that you are not alone. Once you get friendly with the neighbors, you may also get donations that may be helpful for your sober living house.

Setting up a sober living house is a very noble idea. Abiding by a planned procedure will help you get a place in the hearts of many people who have got a new life with your help.

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