Rules And Regulations Followed In A Halfway House

When a person gets addicted to drugs or alcohol, it becomes more than necessary to go for immediate professional help before the situation goes out of hand. One of the significant parts of the substance abuse recovery process is to get away from all those people who contributed to the addiction in the first place. Hence it is necessary to ensure that the addiction treatment is carried out in such an atmosphere where the addict or the alcoholic feels safe and comfy more than anything else. One such location that is absolutely suited for this phase is the halfway house. But to hold on to the specific design of operation and render effective results, it is necessary for all halfway houses to abide by a few rules. Some of the common rules and regulations followed at all halfway houses are as follows:

The Discharge Rules: In case a resident breaks a few rules at a halfway house, the individual is discharged from the house immediately. Breaking the rules would include owning weapons, indulging in criminal activity, stealing or lying in the paper works, possession of drugs and alcohol, destruction of the property at the house, fighting or discrepancy in the time allowed out of the halfway house.

Employment: For the first month of treatment that an resident spends at a halfway house, it is necessary for him or her to remain in the premises of the halfway house compulsorily. Once the first 30 days are over, the resident is allowed to step outside the premises and work somewhere. Obviously, it cannot be a place that deals in alcohol or drugs. Another criterion is that in case the working hours of the person are clashing with the timings of the group discussions at the house, it cannot be continued. And last but not the least, the resident has to discuss about the vocation he or she is looking forward to with the manager at the halfway house.

Schedule: People who come for a treatment at the halfway houses are supposed to follow a rigorous schedule on a compulsory basis. The schedule rules for different halfway houses are on a general basis almost similar, with a few variations here and there. The residents are made to attend 12 step meetings and get their meeting slip signed by a person who is running the group in the first place.

Miscellaneous rules: While staying at a halfway house the residents are also supposed to perform certain chores on a daily basis. Each and every resident is supposed to take part in these chores strictly. The chores are directed at the residents so that a sense of responsibility can be instilled in them. In fact teaching responsibility is one of the most significant parts of the entire treatment process. In case there are a few particular medications that a patient needs to take, those are supposed to be stored under lock and key by the manager at the halfway house.

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