Reasons To Join A Halfway House

Halfway houses help you recover fully from addiction after you have completed your treatment in the rehab center. They also provide a total support that an addict needs to completely come out of his addiction. A halfway house is sometimes also called a sober house or a transitional home. As the name suggests, halfway houses are a halt which one takes in between the recovery and entering into the society after total recovery. There are a lot of reasons that would urge an individual to go to a halfway house after the rehab treatment is over.

Reduces hesitation and enhances confidence: An addict’s stay in halfway home helps him mix up with family and friends once again without any hindrance. These houses help them establish a reconnection with society. Even after an individual has been treated with his problem of addiction, he may find it difficult to mingle with the outside world. This is because the long stay and the different lifestyle led in the rehab sometimes makes an addict get used to that atmosphere so much that he coils up into a shell. The sober living houses offer help in such conditions of the addicts to get over their behavioral problem. These houses accustom the patients with the normal everyday life.

Makes one independent: In the inpatient rehab, an addict is made to stay in the center and sometimes is not allowed to go outside. In a halfway house, on the other hand, they allow the individual to go out and earn a living for themselves. With this salary, they are supposed to pay for their stay in the sober home and for the food, etc. Naturally, the addicts feel comfortable and confident as time passes and are mentally prepared to blend with the outside world with which he had no contact for some time.

Peer support works: The residents of these houses also provide support to each other. This support prevents the persons from relapsing into the phase of addiction again. Halfway houses do not let the addicts to go back to their home immediately after spending a long time staying in the rehabs; rather they keep them in a surrounding in which the addicts can slowly go back to their normal life.

Constant monitoring helps: The halfway houses also monitor the extent of sobriety among the addicts. They regularly have the addicts’ blood tested to ensure that they are not taking any sort of drugs or alcohol. They also restrict certain foods which may generate positive results in the tests. The average span of stay is from 3 to 6 months.

A perfect setting to stay sober: When an addict succumbs to his substance of addiction, he simply gets out of control and earns the scorn of society. A sober living house helps them to remain free from any external agents that may indulge him into the addiction again. These houses are safe in terms of pressures of the outside world, as the addict is being prepared to face the society.

Makes one disciplined: A very important feature of the recovery process is to abide by rules; this ensures that the abuser has control over him. Of course, this is a positive sign for him to be able to live a life without any addictive symptoms. The slow induction into the society by the addict is only possible through staying in a sober house. The addicts are now ready to face the real world beyond the confines of the sober living house.

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