Halfway House Vs Addiction Rehab Center

Although many people think that a halfway house is the same as addiction rehab center, they are two different places with different roles in complete recovery of patients. The primary role of the rehabilitation centers is to help the addict recover from substance abuse. There are some rehab centers that follow the spiritual approach while others follow the traditional medication approach to handle substance abusers. On the other hand, the residents put into the halfway house or a sober home, embark on the process of becoming a part of the society through mental preparation and living in a structured environment once they have undergone recovery treatment.

Nature of Halfway Houses and Rehab Centers

A halfway house is more like an accommodation center than a rehab. Addicts come to the halfway houses after they are released from the rehab centers. As they get out of rehabs, they find it a bit difficult to go out and face the outside world immediately. Halfway houses offer an accommodation for these addicts where they are given the liberty to earn their own living. They slowly get themselves prepared to face the new world. The rehabs on the other hand conduct counseling and prayer sessions to get the addicts come out of their addictive tendencies. In the rehabs, the addicts are not allowed to interact with the outside world unlike the halfway houses.

Cost of halfway houses and rehab centers

The halfway houses are generally cheaper to afford than rehab centers. They normally charge a certain percentage of the addicts’ salary, as they earn for their stay and food provisions in the halfway house. The rehab centers, on the contrary, are expensive. Normally the addicts’ family and friends pay for them. Some rehab centers provide stay in halfway houses as a complimentary service. So all you need, after getting treated in the rehab, is not the money, but the determination not to go back to your substance of addiction. If an addict comes to these houses with court orders, they do not have to pay for their stay in a sober house. Sometimes the pay is also divided between the addicts and the state.

Way of living in the halfway houses and the rehab centers

Unlike the rehab centers, the halfway houses do not conduct sessions and treatments for the addicts. Those are done in the rehabs, where the addicts have already spent a required amount of time. The halfway houses just act as a halt, for the addicts, before they become part of mainstream society. These houses help the addicts to face the world slowly and steadily. Here they need to follow a code of conduct that includes curfew rules, doing the daily chores, maintaining discipline, being under constant supervision and more.

Persons Treated in halfway houses and rehab centers

Sometimes persons who have not been addicted for a long time need not go to the rehab centers. For them going to the halfway houses, and leading a life with a set of rules, helps them to refrain from their substance of addiction.

Treatment of halfway houses and rehab centers

The rehabs have different kinds of treatment for substance abusers. The first thing that they do to the addicts is to detoxify them off their substance of addiction. This is a complicated process and often needs medical guidance. This is not practiced at the halfway houses.

The rehabs also conduct certain counseling sessions, like they propagate the preaching of the Almighty, to help the inmates realize what is wanted of them. The 12- step program conducted by the rehabs is very effective to pull out the addicts from their addictive nature. The halfway houses are accommodations for the addicts who have been already treated. It is a phase of helping them get prepared for the outside world and face the underlying challenges.

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