Choosing A Half Way House In Your Vicinity

As you complete your addiction recovery treatment program, the most important thing you have to do will likely also be the hardest. This, of course, is simply maintaining your sobriety. While you learn many new skills and obtain new tools in treatment, remembering when and how to use them in the real world is not always easy to do. This is why choosing a halfway house in your vicinity before graduating from your program is very important. Most treatment programs can last up to 90 days, which often results in patients having to sacrifice their jobs and living arrangements, so moving into a half way house can help you to handle both situations. It ensures that you have a stable, motivational place to live, but can also provide you with a new job opportunity. Sometimes this simply pays your room and board expenses and gets you a little spending money, but since you are fresh out of recovery, you will appreciate the simplicity.

One of the best aspects of a halfway house in your vicinity, as opposed to one that is far off or in another city, is that you are able to live in familiar settings while trying to make the changes you need to live in a different way. People in recovery typically do not respond well to drastic changes, so staying local while implementing your new skills and tools will make for a smoother, more comfortable transition. Half way houses are also usually part of a network of larger sobriety organizations that can provide you with social opportunities to meet others who are going through the same thing that you are, as well as successful program graduates who are often also the sponsors of many household members. This allows you to learn how to attend social events without the crutch of drugs or alcohol that you may have previously needed before treatment.

When choosing a half way house in your vicinity you need to make sure that they follow and teach the same program that you learned in your treatment. While the Christian recovery program is still the most popular form of treatment, there are many varieties, and it will be very counterproductive if you were to move into transitional housing that didn’t further build on the foundation you got in treatment. Along these lines, you might also be able to find an adult group home of certain individuals who share similar interests as you. This way you already have something in common with your housemates, which makes it easier for you to bond and develop relationships.

No matter what your reasons are you should always remember that the most important thing is maintaining your sobriety. Wherever you choose to live after recovery, your home or halfway sober home, it needs to be some place where you will feel comfortable to be yourself, but also to re-discover yourself as you learn more through working your program. Find a home filled with positive, supportive friends and brethren and you will also find it much easier for you to focus on living a life free and clear of drugs and alcohol.

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