Checking Into A Half Way House

They say that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Once you have addressed this and have chosen to receive the necessary help to overcome addiction, you need to prepare for a long and wonderful journey of growth and self-discovery. Whether you take part in an in-patient or an out-patient program you will undoubtedly learn new reasoning and communication skills, as well as how to make healthy, positive choices instead of ones that could be potentially harmful or dangerous. When your recovery program ends, though, you should consider checking into a halfway house. These facilities are designed to help you make the transition from the sheltered world of treatment back into the real world.

A halfway house can be much easier because you are constantly surrounded by people who are dealing with the same issues as you or have already conquered the addiction demons. They can help you by providing moral and emotional support as you deal with the stressors and triggers with a clear mind. They can remind you of the skills you learned in drug addiction treatment, probably in accordance to a faith-based 12-step program or traditional approach which is still the most common basis for treatment. Within the protective walls of these communal domiciles leaders develop networks and organize activities that help you to reintroduce yourself to a social community while trying to operate in a drug and alcohol-free environment.

Secondly, you can use this transitional living situation to earn an income if you don’t have a job. Sometimes, people lose their jobs as a result of their using so this is also a great way to regain the sense of pride and accomplishment you once had, as well as your income. You can work within the household as a way to pay your rent through standard maintenance or upkeep, or through chores. You can also take advantage of the many networks and contacts that are associated with your house to find recovery-friendly employers who understand your situation, perhaps they have also been through it themselves.

Finally checking into a halfway house though is for a serious reason to attain complete sobriety, it can still be filled with joy, laughter, and liveliness, because you will have access to the events and activities that are strictly available to people in recovery. Many people fear that abstaining from drugs and alcohol will affect their social life, but when you are a part of a recovery family you will always be able to find something to do with people who are on the same journey. Typically your half way house will have a bulletin board or an online social network that helps members keep in touch and discuss ways they want to celebrate their sobriety or just spend the weekend. Some events may even tie into a local church, which further expands your social circle to now include those who aren’t in recovery, getting you closer to full rehabilitation.

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