Advantages Of Halfway House Treatment

As evident from the very name, a halfway house is almost like a bridge that helps overcome the gap between substance abuse treatments on one hand where sobriety is retained and the facility to return to a fully integrated life that takes one back into the course of a normal life on the other hand. Here’s a list of the various advantages inherent in the treatments provided by the halfway houses. Take a look:

Ø First and foremost advantage is the pace and rate of recovery ensured by a halfway house. Once a person recovers from substance abuse and chemical dependence through relevant drug treatment, it is critical that the recovering individuals do not place themselves into any kind of situation that can create adverse situations and put the recovery at risk. As far as the Recovery Connection strategy goes, the average time period for which a person needs to stay at a halfway or sober home is 3 to 6 months at the most.

Ø The sober house stay is effective as it involves ample monitoring for ensuring sobriety. In fact this is one of the prime purposes of the halfway houses, to monitor the sobriety of the inmates. In fact the tests include regular verification of urine and blood samples of the inmates to ensure that none of them is using any alcohol or drugs any more.

Ø The next element of advantage with the recovery house treatments is the issue of safety. When an addict or an alcoholic moves towards the recovery process, he is in a state where he has lost even the least amount of control of his own life. In such circumstances the addicted individuals reach a state of ultimate vulnerability where the most minor pressure from the external world can cause seriously adverse effects on their mental and physical state. In such circumstances if he/she is made to live in a protective place like the halfway houses, it proves to be really helpful. Living in a sober house they get to live in an absolutely safe and secure place that is devoid of the pressure of the external world and hence they can work effectively on their recovery process.

Ø The number of choices available, as far as the treatment options at the halfway houses are concerned, are many. Learning to abide by rules and regulations is a very important part of the entire process of recovery. This is the one chance where each of the recovering individuals at the house gets the inimitable chance to test their own abilities and judge the credibility of their own choices. In fact, this is the one opportunity when they can also check up the consequences of the mistakes they committed within the secured confines of the house.

Ø Last but not the least advantage of halfway houses is that these enable the patients to ease the situation of addiction at a slow but steady pace. Hence the process of easing back into the normal society also happens at a slow and automatic way making it easier for the addicts to find acceptance among their estranged friends and family members.

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