Norms of Living in a Halfway House

Halfway houses are actually a significant part of the complete process to quit any form of addiction. As the addicts complete their course of treatment in the rehab centers, they are free to come to the outside world and socialize normally, but sometimes they have a tendency to relapse into their earlier phase of addiction. It is then that they must consider staying in a halfway house for a few months. The residents of the halfway houses have to abide by certain norms as the part of the recovery process. These limitations have been set only to achieve a positive long term result.

As you decide to join a halfway house, you must be ready to co-operate with the professionals and management authorities of the house. Here you will be able to recover fully and make enable you to lead a life of sobriety. The resident must understand that the halfway houses are no prison. They can meet their family and friends and enjoy light moments too. It is just a matter of few days when they need to follow certain restrictions. Once they are out of the halfway house they can get back to the normal life with no restrictions; still they are able to control themselves and abstain from the substances of their addiction.

Drugs and Alcohol: If any resident of a sober living house disregards the norms of the house they may be sent to jail, if the management decides so. Various halfway houses can have a few differences in their rules, but all of them unanimously follow one rule – zero tolerance for abusers of alcohol or drugs. No resident is allowed to carry alcohol and drugs with them. Nor are they allowed to sell them to any inmates of the house. The residents are regularly tested for drugs or alcohol.

Approved leaves: All the residents must be accounted for always during their stay in the halfway houses. However, they are not barred from meeting their family and friends, or from going to work or other activities. All they require is an approved leave by the management of the sober living house. No residents are allowed to go out of the premise of the house without informing anyone of the authorities.

Group Meetings: All the residents of the halfway houses are supposed to pay for their own expenses including the rent of the house and the food. So they are supposed to look for jobs themselves. They are also required to attend group meetings that are pre-scheduled. These meetings are helpful to prevent a resident from relapsing into their earlier stage. In these group meetings, a resident can be excused if he has prior permission or an emergency permission for some valid reason.

Expenses: As mentioned above, a resident of a halfway house is supposed to pay for his own expenses, which includes rent and food. When someone wants to join a sober living house, he is usually given a 15 days to get himself employed somewhere. The sober living houses charge 25 per cent of what the resident earns. This is done to maintain equality among all the residents. It is unfair to fix an amount as a fee, as it would have to be paid by a resident who earns lesser than someone else.