Living in a Halfway House

Most addicts don’t want to accept the fact that they are addicted and need help. Moreover, out of them, few who seek treatment do not want to go to halfway houses. The thought of a long stay there discourages them from living there. However, there are some rehab centers that offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Outpatient rehabs do not require you to stay there. However, after the rehab treatment sometimes the patients are not confident if they can continue to lead a completely sober life. Hence, they must opt for stay in a halfway house after recovery treatment to get rid of addiction.

Few people think that staying in a halfway home is a waste of time and many people have a notion of rehabs being as similar to jails. However, they do not realize the benefits they get after coming out of there completely recovered. Actually these residential halfway houses plan a structured routine for you, at the same time not depriving of your freedom altogether. They believe that discipline is important for sober life.

A halfway house is not at all a chamber of wonders that will make you sober guaranteed. You need to realize the importance of staying there, and follow their rules willingly to make our living there a success. You must remember that your ultimate boss is “you” and complete recovery is a step by step plan. Many sober houses impose a few restrictions on you, which are but for your own benefit. The 12-step program is one of the ways to pull you out of the addiction in a planned way. Staying in a halfway home is the last and the most important step of complete addiction recovery. During your stay in a half way house, you need to:

· Attend AA meetings

· Do their chores

· Get a job

· Be part of counseling sessions

· Follow the code of conduct

· and Have faith in their approach

For most patients this sounds difficult, but it is the stay here that results in complete sobriety. As the patients get familiar with the entire routine and stay willingly, they gradually gain the confidence of living a drug-free independent life. This is a crucial phase of transition from insobriety to sobriety. You are helped to live a responsible and sober life with a renewed self-confidence. In spite of the planned schedules and programs of the sober houses, there are a few people who still do not follow the rules completely even during the stay. The rate of their success is quite unimpressive. For such behavior, however, the professional and staff of a halfway house cannot be made responsible as addicts are mature individuals and these rehabs need the cooperation from the addicts.

During your stay at the halfway houses, you are helped and supported throughout in every possible way to accomplish your goal of a sober life. With the practice of meditation you know how to control yourself. The sober houses help you discover our own self by striking a connection with your inner self.