List of Halfway House Violations

Welcome to the halfway house, where you are motivated to live a clean sober and decent life. There are lists of guidelines which the residents are required to follow out here. No violations of rules are entertained and each and every resident is required to adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by these recovery houses. The halfway or sober houses intend to help you embark on the road towards recovery and lead a healthy life. The tenants are required to follow the rules and regulations which are stipulated below:

  • You will be violating the rules and regulations of the recovery house, if you fail to keep it clean. Floors that are not wiped, unclean clothes or leaving back filthy trashes lead to gross violations of the rules and regulations. The tenants are strictly advised to not bring any unsealed food containers inside their bed rooms.
  • The kitchen area of the recovery center must be kept clean. You will disregard the regulations of the halfway house, if the knives, dishes, spoons and forks are kept scattered all round the kitchen.
  • The general etiquette of the tenants must be in line with the guidelines that are laid down. The house must be kept clean at all times. The manager of the house needs to be very careful and they are responsible for delegating responsibilities among the patients as well. The manager will be seen as not heeding the diktats, if he does not offer necessary suggestions in a time bound manner.
  • Each and every tenant is required to enroll themselves for the full time jobs in various kinds of utilitarian or educational institutions. It is obligatory that each of them must engage themselves in jobs or education pursuits of some type or the other. This constitutes a very important clause of the recovery plan.
  • If you do not want to violate the rules of the halfway house, it is imperative that you attend the Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on a regular basis. The residents of the house must bear responsibility to make arrangements for transportation.
  • The tenants need to take care of their own health, and seek additional professional help as and when required. Neglecting your health can lead to gross violation of the stipulated regulations. It is your responsibility to disclose all details about your health to the physician who is attending you. Once you are under medical supervision and taking medicines on regular basis, you eliminate the risk factors of other members as well.
  • The tenants are required to have a sound knowledge of the rules, which are contained in the recovery plan. You should not be caught stealing, or for that matter participating in activities which are branded illegal. Damaging the property of others leads to penalization. Additionally it is expected that each and every tenant will make timely payments of their rents.

You can be ensured of a happy, healthy and enduring life, once you abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the recovery houses. ����