Jobs Available At Halfway Houses

While many people consider half way houses on the side of patronage, there are also many jobs available at halfway houses too. In fact, since chemical dependency recovery programs have adopted this format, an entire industry has emerged, requiring people of several different trades in order to properly operate. Of course, there are always owners and managers, which is what you might expect from a professional health facility. Someone needs to operate the facility and ensure the safety and efficiency of the people and work place. Both the staff and the patients need to have access to properly working equipment as well as well-maintained facilities.

In order to ensure that the facilities are kept up properly, you also need to have caretakers and groundskeepers. Potentially, you could have other staff take care of this, or even make it part of the patients’ responsibility. Because these jobs are not particularly difficult and do not require any specific training, you could hire almost anyone to fill these positions, as long as they can adhere to the policies of the facility.

Of course, there are always medical jobs available at halfway houses. You will obviously need to have counselors or psychologists depending on the way you want to manage your sober living arrangement. Perhaps you could have a couple of experienced psychologists who can make particular diagnoses and a few more counselors who can handle the group sessions and help patients with one-on-one sessions too. These are two of the most important positions to be held at any half way house because this is technically what defines them. Without these medical professionals, you cannot successfully operate these transitional recovery facilities.

Of all the jobs available at halfway houses, perhaps the most dangerous might be security. Again, like a hospital, safety and adherence to rules are very important. For these reasons it is also common for half way house owners to hire a security guard or enlist the services of another law enforcement agency to aid in the securing of the residence, especially at night. Unfortunately not all people who utilize half way houses are entirely bent on recovery, and even doctors themselves will state that you cannot trust an addict to do the right thing because they are often deficient in that ability. It is an understandable component of the condition of addiction, so security is more there to ensure that people follow the rules, but also to prevent any heated situations from growing any hotter.

There are many other positions that you could potentially hold if you were to work at a halfway house. Many of these are optional and depend on the facility owner or manager. These might include a treasurer, who manages the money; a nurse who helps to maintain and administer the necessary medications; and even a marketer or promoter who goes out into the public to let people know the purpose of the building and where you are located. As a private business, you can choose which jobs you definitely need and which ones are expendable.