How to Find a Good Halfway House?

Halfway houses prevent addicts relapse by providing a perfect environment for long term recovery and support required to help them build confidence to face life once they are out of the house. The addict who joins the halfway house must be willing for his stay there and adopting the lifestyle changes they suggest. They help an addict to transform in to a sober human being and lead a normal life devoid of addiction, and strike a reconnection with their family and friends. There are many halfway homes for complete recovery, but do ensure you choose one that is suitable.

Some questions that you must ask when looking for a halfway house are:

  • What is the way they adopt to help you go back to a life of dignity and sobriety?
  • What do they focus on mainly – money or helping people?
  • How is the environment and cleanliness maintained by them?
  • What kinds of rules do they have? What is the logic behind them?
  • Enquire if they only have an accommodation for both the genders. If yes, how is the difference maintained?

Search Online: The best way to find a halfway house is to search on the Internet. Check out the official website of your state as it will surely have a list of regional, private or non-profit organizations related to substance abuse. You can also ask family and friends.

Maintenance: Beyond all these, you must also consider how the halfway house is maintained. You may not be comfortable in the place if it fails to appeal to you. You may find grass growing from the cracks of the walls. This would immediately tell you about how the place is maintained. If you do not get that positive vibe about the place and its staff, it would not help to enroll there. See whether the ceilings and floors are well kept. You may also want to see the room that would be allotted to you – check its size and condition. See whether it is big enough for your room mates and you.

Management & Staff: Next, move your focus on the management and staff. The managers and staff must be friendly and competent. See how keen they are in helping addicts recover. They must be really efficient and capable of having control over residents. They must be confident of implementing various rules and regulations in the house.

More Details: Find out about the treatment programs offered. Most offer stay up to a few months. Find out about their release criteria. Also, find out how you are supposed to pay the fee and how much is it. Most rehabs ask the patients to look for a suitable job and they are required to pay a fixed percentage of their income as fees.

Meetings: The Halfway Houses have “House meetings” on specific days and times. This is a sort of reviewing the condition and improvement of the residents. The level of care and mental support that counselors offer should also be taken into consideration. So, if you can find a good sober living house, you can attain sobriety faster.