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If you are considering undergoing care for drug or alcohol addiction there are many options that you have available to you.� When looking at them objectively, many of them seem like the same thing, or perhaps too similar to understand how they differ.� If this is something you are experiencing, here is a brief definition … Continue reading “A Brief Definition Of What A Half Way House Is”

While you may have heard the term “half way house” in a variety of places, you probably don’t know the history of where they came from. Although it is definitely associated with chemical dependency recovery in modern times, the original term is less specific. A brief history of how half way houses came into existence … Continue reading “A Brief History Of How Half Way Houses Came Into Existence”

For those patients who are making the difficult transition from institutionalized treatment back to common society, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of using a halfway house is likely the next step.� While many doctors and counselors certainly recommend some kind of sober living arrangement, it is not required, but for many patients, it can be … Continue reading “Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Halfway House”

As evident from the very name, a halfway house is almost like a bridge that helps overcome the gap between substance abuse treatments on one hand where sobriety is retained and the facility to return to a fully integrated life that takes one back into the course of a normal life on the other hand. … Continue reading “Advantages Of Halfway House Treatment”

Going through treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most difficult things a person might ever have to do.� It requires a great deal of personal inspection of private thoughts, ideals, and motivations.� It forces you to deal with many trials and tribulations in your life that you may otherwise wish to … Continue reading “Celebrities Who Have Checked Into Half Way Houses”

They say that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Once you have addressed this and have chosen to receive the necessary help to overcome addiction, you need to prepare for a long and wonderful journey of growth and self-discovery. Whether you take part in an in-patient or an out-patient … Continue reading “Checking Into A Half Way House”

If you have chosen to put yourself into a recovery program in order to deal with drugs or alcohol addiction, then you have made a wise decision that will make your life transformed and will make it more controlled and happy. Joining a halfway house also makes sense because it is very difficult to beat … Continue reading “Choosing A Half Way House For Rehabilitation”

As you complete your addiction recovery treatment program, the most important thing you have to do will likely also be the hardest. This, of course, is simply maintaining your sobriety. While you learn many new skills and obtain new tools in treatment, remembering when and how to use them in the real world is not … Continue reading “Choosing A Half Way House In Your Vicinity”

While inpatient and outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can cost hundreds of dollars a month, you might be surprised how reasonable the costs associated with Christian treatment centers and half way house treatment are. Perhaps this is because addiction recovery treatment is considered a medical expense which requires the expertise and skills of … Continue reading “Costs Associated With Half Way House Treatment”

If you are currently undergoing treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you are probably under the care of a hospital or mental health facility.� Depending on your level of progress, you may be in an inpatient program, where you stay in the hospital until doctors release you, or an outpatient program where you report to … Continue reading “Differences Between Half Way Houses And Hospitals”

As you approach the end of your treatment for substance abuse you may be asking yourself the question: do halfway houses work for treatment of drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and mental illness? This is probably because you have either heard the term “half way house” mentioned in a group session or you have openly discussed … Continue reading “Do Halfway Houses Work For Treatment Of Addiction”

Many addicts through self-realization or through other ways identify their addiction and try to seek treatment for it. They want to live a life of sobriety and become responsible. But the problem that crops up is monetary in nature. Many people cannot afford the high fees that some rehab centers charge especially luxury treatments. It … Continue reading “Drug Rehab And Halfway Houses”

If you are enrolled in an inpatient treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction, you have probably already discussed with your doctor, counselor, or group how difficult the transition can be back into the real world.� That is where halfway house services for inpatients come into play.� These are transitional adult group homes that are … Continue reading “Half Way House Services For Inpatients”

Outpatient care is a unique and convenient way for addicts and alcoholics who want to get supervised treatment without having to interrupt their lives. This type of treatment is usually reserved for those whose use has not quite yet managed to disrupt their everyday lives. People in this type of care are often moderately functioning … Continue reading “Half Way House Services For Outpatients”

Many people who have been through a substance abuse program look to halfway houses to provide support after alcohol addiction treatment for the first few months or years once they are done.� They do this because while in treatment your life can be heavily monitored as you are learning new skills and methods for solving … Continue reading “Half Way Houses To Provide Alcohol Addiction Treatment”

While all forms of substance abuse treatment have the same goal, they do not all go about it the same way.� Although many are based on the long-standing 12-step program that has been very successful since its creation, other new ideologies and methodologies have developed to try to help in different ways.� All in all, … Continue reading “Half Way Houses Treatments For Patients With Drug Addictions”

Not only addicts, even their family members and friends engage in speculating what a halfway house is like. Before we go straight into that let us divert to the point of a “sober life” for some time. A “sober life” is something that perhaps is the most desired thing across the world – of course … Continue reading “Halfway House An Inside View”

As you head towards your stay in a halfway house, you may wonder what the whole experience would be like. How will it function to transform you into a sober human being? This article throws some light on this aspect. Primary Function: The primary function of any sober living house is to help you recover … Continue reading “Halfway House Things To Know”

Although many people think that a halfway house is the same as addiction rehab center, they are two different places with different roles in complete recovery of patients. The primary role of the rehabilitation centers is to help the addict recover from substance abuse. There are some rehab centers that follow the spiritual approach while … Continue reading “Halfway House Vs Addiction Rehab Center”

There are a few addicts who might have tried to stay away from their substance of addiction when they could identify the problem. Unfortunately, very few have been successful to remain aloof from their addictive tendency. This is due to the lack of a proper treatment and will power. These addictions are hard to get … Continue reading “Halfway Houses Can Help Restore Long Term Recovery”

If you or someone close to you has ever been through substance abuse treatment, you are likely very familiar with the several phases of treatment from therapy, to sober living, to support groups. While this process seems to work very well for substance abusers, many people do not realize how half way houses provide treatments … Continue reading “Halfway Houses For The Psychologically Challenged”

Once you have identified the problem of addiction, you may be among those few who really want to seek help to get rid of it. An initiative to go to rehabilitation is a commendable effort on your part. You may have been treated in the rehab centers. Now you know how to abstain from the … Continue reading “Halfway Houses Reinstating Faith After Rehab Failure”

For those undergoing treatment for substance abuse or addiction, there are many options available to help make the transition back into the real world, so to speak.� Regardless of what kind of treatment you might be getting, half way houses are an excellent way to continue your full-time treatment in a more fundamentally beneficially way.� … Continue reading “How Half Way Houses Treat Patients Who Abuse Alcohol”

Halfway houses prevent addicts relapse by providing a perfect environment for long term recovery and support required to help them build confidence to face life once they are out of the house. The addict who joins the halfway house must be willing for his stay there and adopting the lifestyle changes they suggest. They help … Continue reading “How To Find A Good Halfway House”

As you approach the end of your in-patient treatment for alcohol or drug recovery, one of the things you might want to start thinking about is how to locate the best halfway house.� This is important because finding a good half way house for you can mean the difference between moving forward on your road … Continue reading “How To Locate The Best Half Way House”

If you have been through substance abuse recovery or are currently in the process, you might have many questions regarding half way houses. In fact, you might be wondering how to successfully open your own half way house because you undoubtedly have met some people dealing with similar issues who are also looking for a … Continue reading “How To Successfully Open Your Own Half Way House”

While many people consider half way houses on the side of patronage, there are also many jobs available at halfway houses too. In fact, since chemical dependency recovery programs have adopted this format, an entire industry has emerged, requiring people of several different trades in order to properly operate. Of course, there are always owners … Continue reading “Jobs Available At Halfway Houses”

Welcome to the halfway house, where you are motivated to live a clean sober and decent life. There are lists of guidelines which the residents are required to follow out here. No violations of rules are entertained and each and every resident is required to adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by these … Continue reading “List Of Halfway House Violations”

Most addicts don’t want to accept the fact that they are addicted and need help. Moreover, out of them, few who seek treatment do not want to go to halfway houses. The thought of a long stay there discourages them from living there. However, there are some rehab centers that offer both inpatient and outpatient … Continue reading “Living In A Halfway House”

Halfway houses are actually a significant part of the complete process to quit any form of addiction. As the addicts complete their course of treatment in the rehab centers, they are free to come to the outside world and socialize normally, but sometimes they have a tendency to relapse into their earlier phase of addiction. … Continue reading “Norms Of Living In A Halfway House”

When people consider treatment for substance abuse, one of the many questions that arise is “which kind of facility is right for me?” Often, you can answer this question by simply setting up an

Once a patient manages to achieve the basic criteria,� which is indispensable for maintaining sobriety,� typical halfway houses� offer long term treatments that help attain perfect sobriety without any risk of relapse. �This enables them to finally enter into a new phase of life where they act responsibly. It is intended that this sobriety will … Continue reading “Overcoming Addiction In A Halfway House”

Are you a drug addict? Have you been sentenced by the court of law to visit the halfway house for recovery programs? Release to these sober houses is probably the important step you take to come out of the state of addiction. The restricted and supervised environment of the rehabilitation programs ascertains the ability of … Continue reading “Processes And Procedures Of A Court Ordered Halfway House”

Halfway houses help you recover fully from addiction after you have completed your treatment in the rehab center. They also provide a total support that an addict needs to completely come out of his addiction. A halfway house is sometimes also called a sober house or a transitional home. As the name suggests, halfway houses … Continue reading “Reasons To Join A Halfway House”

One of the hardest parts of the recovery process is making that sometimes awkward and difficult transition back into the “real world.” Whether you were involved with an inpatient or outpatient procedure in a hospital or mental health facility, the program you undergo is both intensive and life-changing, so you need to make sure that … Continue reading “Registering With A Half Way House”

The halfway house aims at helping people who have undergone recovery get back into society without any hesitation. This process involves supporting and monitoring them to reduce risks of relapses or recidivism. Some of the court ordered houses aim at reintegrating those who have been sentenced by the law courts. People suffering from substance abuse … Continue reading “Role Of A Halfway House In Addiction Recovery”

As you approach the end of your addiction treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, you will undoubtedly begin preparing for your transition back into “normal” life. For many people this is a frightening concept because it means leaving the structured, simple environment of supervised care. Others just feel like they want a little more help … Continue reading “Rules And Regulations A Half Way House Must Follow”

When a person gets addicted to drugs or alcohol, it becomes more than necessary to go for immediate professional help before the situation goes out of hand. One of the significant parts of the substance abuse recovery process is to get away from all those people who contributed to the addiction in the first place. … Continue reading “Rules And Regulations Followed In A Halfway House”

A halfway house has become important in the complete addiction recovery process as they play a key role in re-establishing the patients recovered from rehab centers in the mainstream society. These houses provide the much required counseling and allow the estranged individuals to once again prepare themselves, go ahead and make a productive living once … Continue reading “Schedule Followed In Halfway Houses”

A halfway house may not offer addiction removal therapy of the same stature as drug addiction rehabilitation centers, yet it provide a safe environment for drug addicts and problem drinkers to address and overcome their addiction. It is a safe and secure place, free of any addiction prone circumstances. This makes them ideal living areas … Continue reading “Sober Living In A Halfway House”

What do you have to do in order to open a halfway house in the United States of America? Before we get into the exact steps, one thing that you need to be reminded of more than anything else is that it is very important to decide from beforehand, what exactly the criteria for the … Continue reading “Start A Halfway House In Usa”

The main purpose of the halfway houses and the sober living houses is to rescue the addicts from drowning into the world of addiction. The professionals of the halfway houses extend their helping hand for supporting the addicts to assist them to quit. If you want to live a sober life like most of your … Continue reading “Starting A Halfway House Recovery Program For Substance Abusers”

Establishing a halfway house all on your own is not a laughing matter. It is a demanding task for which, you need to do some really careful planning. Detailed research work backed up with foolproof planning will be enough� for you to transform your vision into a reality and help you create a halfway house … Continue reading “Starting A Halfway House Treatment Facility”

The most important advantage with the halfway house is that these help establish a very important connection between the community on one hand and the institutional care made available to the recovered individuals just out from the prison to the hospital. It serves the primary purpose of providing the much required residential and rehabilitative services … Continue reading “Types Of Treatments Found In A Halfway House”

By definition, a halfway house is termed as a place where people who are just out from a hospital, addiction recovery center or a prison or some other reformative institution are helped to readapt

One of the greatest aspects of sober living is that they provide jobs for people in recovery as well as licensed medical professionals. Many people who are going through the recovery process did so at the expense of their jobs. Of course, sometimes this is by order of the court which means that this sacrifice … Continue reading “What Qualifications Are Required To Work At A Half Way House”

As you want to lead a sober life free from the substance you were depending on so far, you will need to find a good halfway house as the first part of your job. Do not panic as this is not a mountainous task. All you need is a bit of research about the different … Continue reading “What To Consider When Joining A Halfway House”

In recovery, one of the key components to full rehabilitation is the development of new relationships.� This does not necessarily mean going out and finding new friends, while that is part of the equation.� Perhaps more important than this is reestablishing the role of your existing family and friends in your life as you begin … Continue reading “Why Families Are Encourage To Work In Half Way Houses”

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is not an easy thing to do.� In fact the experience is often lonely and scary because you feel like you are learning brand new things while you are isolated from the world.� Many people who undergo inpatient treatment would agree that in the beginning this is indeed a … Continue reading “Why People Check Into Half Way Houses”