Drug Treatment KY: Types of Detox Treatments

The primary drug threat in the state of Kentucky has proven to be pharmaceutical drugs and drugs such as the domestically grown marijuana or the exported street drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, etc. Kentucky ranks as one of the top states producing marijuana and the drug is exported to other parts of US from Kentucky. Methamphetamine was one of the widely distributed drugs as well, but in the recent years its availability and demand has decreased a great extent. One of the other threats to the basic society life in the state is the abuse of prescription drugs such as oxycodone and he hydrocodone, which is quite prevalent in the southeastern part of the state. Since it cannot be denied that the situation is quite grave and turning volatile day by day, it is imperative that drug treatment in KY is looked into seriously and qualified personnel and facilities that provide adequate resources for treatment be established.

Earlier, there were only a few facilities available and the detox care was largely dependent on the traditional form of treatment techniques. With the availability of new avenues of treatment and as the treatment techniques came backed with new studies and researches, drug treatment in KY has proved to have made big strides as well. The following are the various kinds of detox care available currently:

Medical Detox

During detox the patients are put under supervision of a physician and totally restricted from using the drug. This is the most crucial step of detox. Most patients suffer from painful withdrawal symptoms, the moment they are put under detox. The medicines that are used in such case are clonidine, benzodiazepines, suboxone, etc. These meds help the patient to tide over the painful situation and keep the pain of withdrawal to a minimum. Most of the drugs are sort of a replacement drug, which acts more as a form of drug that stops the craving and thus patients are able to slowly and gradually come off the habit.

Approved physicians are taken in during this sort of treatment because the administration of the drug is crucial and requires accurate decisions, without which the treatment would be ineffective. There are some drugs to which the patients can become addicted to, if proper care is not taken during the process.

Non-Medical Detox

Mild forms of addiction can be treated without the help of any meds. Non-medical form of detox is safer because the patients do not have to deal with any side-effects during the process. During non-medical form of detox, the patients are put under supervision of highly skilled physicians and a professionally trained dietician. This being a natural procedure, the chemicals are to be flushed out in a balanced manner and in its own course. Natural therapies are applied and the procedure involves several phases of testing before the procedure is started and when the process is underway.

Bio-Physical Detox

Drug treatment in KY also involves biophysical detox procedure. When the patients are treated for the presence of the chemicals, for total detoxification or biophysical detox, the patients are kept within the facility for months. It is a natural procedure. The process is extensive and the patients are administered with balanced diet, vitamin supplements and intensive exercise. Sauna and nutrient supplements form an integral part of the procedure as well.

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