What To Look For in Vermont Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Vermont drug rehabilitation program is one of the best in the United States. Extensive care, multidimensional approach, and skill training of the program have become successful in attracting more and more patients to join drug rehab programs. The state has witnessed 45-percent increase in enrolments in Vermont drug rehab centers in 2009. However, there are still a large number of people who are yet to understand the need for drug rehabilitation.

Vermont is a transshipment point for Colombian and Mexican drugs. The spillover effect has led to massive consumption of illicit drugs in the state. About 40 percent of total numbers of addicts are below 18 years. Everyone in two marijuana and cocaine addicts is a woman. Such raging drug abuse in the state calls for effective public awareness about drug rehab programs. The following are various programs on offer by drug rehab centers in the state.

Effective Counseling and Support

VT drug rehabilitation program is known for effective counseling and related support for clients. Specially trained counselors discuss the addiction problems with clients in friendly atmosphere and convince them to give treatment a chance. During the treatment, rehab experts and psychiatrists also offer group and family counseling sessions to support and work out way forward with clients. They encourage patients to develop skills and practice sobriety.

Medical Detoxification and Psychotherapeutic Treatment

New patients go through medical detoxification to end physical dependency on drugs. Trained physicians and staff oversee the detox process and help patients clear toxins accumulated due to drug intake. They take care to ensure that medication will not lead to dependency on prescribed drugs. Once the physical aspect of addiction is taken care of, rehab experts turn to psychotherapeutic treatment. It helps patients overcome stress and psychological disorders caused by drug withdrawal.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatments

Several rehab centers in Vermont offer inpatient treatment. It is quite extensive and includes all aspects of addiction treatment. Round-the-clock support, completely drug-free ambience, and absence of outside disturbances speed up the recovery process. Inpatient programs are only for people staying in the campus of the drug rehab centers. Comprehensive medical treatment, regular counseling, psychotherapeutic help, and an array of holistic therapies are used to treat patients and encourage sober living.

Outpatient rehab programs offer an alternative to less-severe addicts. Clients can stay in their homes and yet receive effective treatment. Outpatient rehab programs put thrust on psychological and cognitive behavioral therapies, medication, sober living training, and social education.

Christian Rehab Programs

Christina rehabilitation centers in Vermont offer spiritual treatment. It combines the basic medical program, various traditional and an array of faith-based therapies. Such kinds of treatment take recourse to religion to create spiritual sense and self-discipline in clients and inspire them with holistic living ideals. The basic elements of Christian rehab programs in Vermont include:

Respect for Christian values and teachings of Jesus

Church visits and pastoral guidance

12-step life program

Practice of spiritual life

Holistic Approach

Vermont drug rehabilitation program is largely holistic in nature. It aims at ending the drug addiction and simultaneously looks after the wellbeing of graduated clients. Various holistic components of the program include fitness training, wellness care, life coaching, and behavioral therapies. Art classes, yoga sessions, reflexology programs, strength training, acupuncture, and psychological counseling are provided to clients. It also includes comprehensive life skill and social training.

Patient-Specific Programs

Drug rehabilitation in Vermont has customized programs depending on the requirement of patients. Dual diagnosis treatment forco-occurring disordersincludes anger management and wellness therapies. Rehab programs for women and teens take care of emotional and physical aspects of addiction. Skill training is an inevitable part of rehab program for adults.

Essentials of Good Drug Rehab Programs

The quality of treatment, friendly staff, and attention to details are essentials of a good drug rehab center. Rehab programs also have in place proper system for aftercare of graduated patients. Treatment must not be confined to one program. It should be tailor-made and multipronged to ensure complete freedom from drugs.

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